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  1. I am in need of something better then the bag I have now that contains my FAK. I realized the other night that if I needed something out of it in a pinch I'd be screwed unless I dumped the entire bag out. I've been looking for some sort of bag or case that has seperate areas within itself so I can organize my supplies better. Anybody out there have and ideas or suggestions ???

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    Try a plastic tool box. My old first responce kit [when I was on a rescue squad in 1980s was an orange hard case [they use nylon ones now]. but we also had plastic tool boxes also for First Aid stuff

    You can probably find a nice orange one at Home Depot or Lowes for next to nothing

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    Found that out the hard way when I was out shooting and I pinched my finger with the bayonet of my M44 and sliced open my thumb. Went for the medkit and realized that it was a pain in the rear digging in that tiny thing with one hand!!! Looked like a drunken chimp on Thorazine with an astigmatism. The laughing from the guys shooting a few dozen yards to my right seemed to reinforce this image :(
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    Bags should have separate pockets and those pockets hold the important stuff like first aid kits, gunshot kits, Gas Mask or spare magazines.
  5. As far as hard cases go, a tackle box works pretty well. As far as bags go, those camera bags with several pockets are great for that kind of thing.
  6. Well, at least you answered my question about the bayo on the M44. I'm left handed and my hand goes right over it. I also never go to the range alone. Seems like one of those laughing jackals would have offered to help you out, but maybe that's just me. Good thing you didn't injure yourself worse considering the company that was available at the time.
  7. Back on subject, I use those plastic see-through tackle boxes that you get at the Sporting goods store and keep them in a large camo bag. That way I can see what's in the box without opening it. They also have the waterproof ones as well.
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    order one of these from RedCross.ORG/STORE or try
    One of those should work.
  9. That MedicRoll bags make really good trauma kits because everything you need is right there and easy to get to with just one hand.
  10. Well heres what I ended up with... Medic roll from
    It's the same bag that I posted a link to above just $8 cheaper. This bag will live in my BOB, and I will also carry it while hiking/camping.


    x4 Pair Nitrile gloves
    x2 EMT shears 1 large 1 small
    x8 Rolled gauze (various sizes)
    x7 2x2 gauze Pads
    x7 4x4 gauze Pads
    x3 Sheets moleskin
    x2 Triangular bandage
    x2- 3" Compress bandages
    x10 3x3 Patch bandage
    x10 Fingertip bandage
    x10 Knuckle bandage
    x10 Extra-long reg.
    xShit-ton reg. bandages
    x5 3M Steristrips
    x5 Butterfly stiches
    x1 6" ACE
    x2 3" ACE
    x1 2" ACE
    x5 Rolls of tape
    x50 Alcohol prep pads
    x1 8oz Iodine bottle
    x4 Iodine swabsticks
    x1 Bulb syringe
    x2 Eyewash
    x1 QR quick clot swab stick
    x5 Tampons
    x3 Instant ice packs
    x1 Turniquit (Spelling)
    x25' Paracord
    x25' Duct tape on credit card
    x2 Sharpie markers
    x1 Small mulit tool
    x1 LED headlamp
    x2 Hand sanitizer
    x1 Disposable razor

    x1 Tube hydrocortizone
    x1 Tube neosporin
    x1 Instant glucose
    x48 Anti-diarrheal pills
    x4 Biofreeze
    x5 Brunjel
    x3 Waterjel
    x4 Cool and soothe blister patches
    x2 Absorbine icy hot patches (4"x6")
    x32 Ibuprofen
    x16 Decongestant
    x32 Acetaminophen

    I still plan on adding some Izzy bandages, and a SAM splint

    On a side note- Some of the stuff listed is in the zippered pouches on the other side of the roll itself. If anyone would like more pictures I would be more then happy to take a few.
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    Nice bag find.
    My suggestion though is , more gloves (with hep everywhere) and Syrup of Ipecac for kids who ingest everything.
    Also a vasoline gauze is nice for puntures.
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    I would suggest more 5"x8" inch pads for larger wounds or to control bleeding, two medical clamps, scalpel and some Quick Clot.
  13. Did the Medic roll come pre stocked or did you add the items?
  14. It didn't come stocked this is what my fiancee (lpn) and I have put together. I'll deff. add more gloves since I have a box of them. The Israeli bandages are great for serious wounds I just need to order a few. Any other suggestions ??
  15. I suggest you make up a second kit, PM me when its ready, and I will PM you my postal addy then sit back and await shipment to arrive. :lol:

    Seriously though, you have a really nice setup and I think I need to get on the ball and update my FAK in a similar manner.
  16. ^ thats exactly what I was going to say before getting distracted from the computer!

    So Where did you get all of the supplies for it and about how much did they cost?
  17. A lot of it came from places like Walgreens, CVS, Walmart or Kmart... Some stuff came from the dollar store . My Fiancee also was able to bring home a lot of stuff from her school, and work. The rest I bought from a local medical supply store. I have been working on this kit for about 8 months now, and it's still not really finished. I would say as of now I have about $100 invested including the bag itself, but it's well worth it if you ever need it.