First batch...woohoo!

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    I just rendered my first batch of lead from wheel weights.


    14lbs of weights yielded 10lbs of lead in 7 muffin shaped ingots. (next time I'll do the whole pan).

    Best part...$0 spent.

    (ok- if you want to get picky - you're right - I did use a little electricity)

    I found an old deep-fryer in the shed and cleaned it up. At first it wouldn't get quite hot enough to melt the lead. It would make it soft and grainy but not molten. I took the reostat apart and tweaked it just a hair (the dial went up to 450 - not hot enough) and tried it again. this time it was molten in no time. I fluxed it with saw dust (I read somwhere (a link form here I think) that that works best). I used an old aluminum muffin tin to mould the ingots and a stainless 1/4 cup measuring cup screwed to a long stick as a ladel. Each one weighs just under 1.5lbs. Next time I'll fill them a little more and try to get them closer to 1.5lbs. 12 1.5lbs muffins will be a nice even 18lbs batch.

    I have 150lbs of weghts that should yield at least around 100lbs of lead. Thats 700,000 grains of lead. or about 5600 9mm bullets.

    Actually since I'm poor. I plan to sell the lead on Ebay to finance my reloading operation. I need ...well everything.

    I can't thank the folks here enough for opening my eyes to this possibility.

    :idea: I'm thinking about a trip to the hardware store to rig a pour spout on the bottom of my pot.

  2. Thats great man!!! Keep the bullets coming lol.

  3. Dude, honestly, I wouldn't sell that lead. Keep it and make bullets out of it. I know how it is when you're hurtin for cash to fund your hobby, trying to get set up and all that. Keep that lead and just take your time buying what you need.

    Another thing to think about, is shipping that lead is going to be expensive as hell. Unless the buyer is willing to pay shipping, it probably won't be worth shipping it through the mail.
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    Well done. The results look good, what did you use to remove the crud.
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    Lead ingots from wheel weights are selling for close to $1/lb in 50lbs lots and usps flat rate shipping is $9. I have access to about 50lbs/wk. In a few months I can have a pretty decent starter set up and still have access to plenty of lead. Its hard taking start-up type funds out of a fairly tight family budget. This way my hobby can almost pay for itself.
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    I used one of these for the big stuff (clips and such):


    Then I used a slotted spoon to remove the rest of the crud. Then fluxed it twice with sawdust before casting.
  7. The Lee Breech-Lock Challenger kit is the best for the price IMO. Granted, I have never used anything else, but it works really well for me. All told I think I spent $200 for my press, calipers, bullet puller and 100 Hornady Match BTHPs for my 223. I spent $66 for all the brass I'll ever need, and $20 for a jug of powder. Skip the brass and you're looking at about $200. Work a few overtime shifts and keep the lead. Sell the bullets, not the ingots.
  8. Nice work on the ingots.

    Like most of us your budget is not unlimited so just take your time, one thing at a time.

    Make your ingots while you buy your reloading press and such, once your equipment is ready to go you'll have supplies ready to work with.