First day carrying....

Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by elguapo, Nov 3, 2007.

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    Man, you really pay attention to people. I really look for all the "no handguns allowed" at all the stores. No one really noticed, but me. A def new feeling.
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    I told you it would be here before you know it.
    Be safe.

  3. All right. I was nervous the first day or two. Now I just carry it and hardly pay attention myself to the fact that it's there. It's just become like clothing to me.

    Now I try to look around to see if I can spot other poeple carrying.

    There aren't that many "No firearms allowed" places here; banks, govt buildings, the airport, etc.
  4. Welcome to the club (it isn't really a club).

    Be aware and be safe!
  5. Due to a money crunch, I won't be attending the CCW class they have next week, I'll be going in December. I am with you buddy, be cool, stay safe and carry well! Remember, gun control is a sharp eye and steady finger! :wink: You're gonna be just fine.
  6. After awhile spotting others will get old too, you'll only notice when there seems to be a reason to.

    BTW - Last week at the hospital they had a posting on the door "Gun Free Zone, firearms not allowed"

    Is this legal in PA?
  7. I may be wrong, but I actually think that right to control your own property in any state gives the onwer of the property the right to say that they won't allow guns on their property. I would think this would apply to any private property, including a business or a hospital.

    When it's posted, the individual has two choices, (1) don't do business there, (2) leave your gun in the car. Just like it its posted, "No tresspassing" that's what the sign means.

    Someone please correct me if I am wrong. I have been researching this, and I can't find any definitive laws on who can carry where.[/b]
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    For us locals, any establishment that serves alcohol for consumption is a place not to carry. Even a restaurant. Banks, and fed places...heck , even local librarys have that policy.
  9. This may well vary by state, but it precisely describes the situation in Georgia. Aside from the regular no-no places -- government buildings, places that serve alcohol, etc. -- anyone has the right to prohibit firearms on their own property, and violating such a posting is just as severe as walking into the courthouse with heat.

    There are websites devoted to this; here's one among many:
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    Something else to remember about places that prohibit carry is when they prevent you from protecting yourself, they assume the liability if you are injured on the premisis when carrying a firearm could have prevented it. Many dont realize its alawsuit waiting to happen.

  11. This is why you are permitted to carry in walmart parkinglot, but not in the store. So if you get robbed in the parking lot, the most likely of places, there isn't D$*% you can do about it. Or atleast that's the way it was in ohio. So add walmart to the list of no-carry places.
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    Congrats on the carrying
  13. elguapo,

    Congrats and welcome to the CC community! Carry smart, be safe and by all means keep yourself up to date with your states carry laws.

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    Most places I see have a revolver in the circle with a line across it. Good thing I carry a semi auto.

  15. Dont ever pull it on anyone unless your 100% sure your going to use it! Best advice I have to give you after carrying for 25 years. :idea:
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    Congrats brother.The mirror is your friend.If you cant see a print when you know where to look your good to go.Stay safe hombre.
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    Here in Michigan any business that prohibits CC must post it on the door. Some places we cannot carry here are sporting events/concerts, Hospitals (not including the parking lot), banks, Govt. Buildings and bars. There are several more but can't recall everyone of them. Interesting though, even though you cannot carry a CCW in a bar, you can in a restaurant even if they do serve alcohol. I have carried in Wallyworld here with no problem because they do not have anything posted at the entrance saying I cannot carry as per Michigan law.

    Here is another link that I have found useful, especially when traveling. They have a lot of good information for concealed carry holders.
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    Elguapo, Beware when entering any of the several Indian reservations around us.
    They can pretty much do whatever they damn well please with your gun and you may never see it again.
    Depends on the attitudes of all involved.
    I stay off the res when I am in possession. CCW or open.
  19. Pills, I finally got that joke!!! Thanks buddy!
  20. Hmm, reviewing Alabama's statutes, it looks like the only place that state law prohibits me to carry is a public school. There isn't exectly anything that says I can't carry anywhere I want to except for the provision about public schools. Hmmm. I must be missing something somewhere. I think I'll call the sherrif Monday morning and ask him.