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First day carrying

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So today was the first day of me carrying CCW My C9 in a fobus holster. 8) first thing I did before I left was change shirts like 3 times before I found a shirt that didn't print then put on my jacket and went out. Being armed makes you really pay attention to your surrounding more than usual(at least to me) went to wally world with no problems people didnt even give me a second look. Then took my mother to eatn park and then I got alittle worried that my gun would print even though I made sure it didn't before I left home. We went in got a booth and all I could think about was when I took off my jacket someone would see my gun and scream "Oh my god that black guy has a gun" and the sight of people running for their lives and ducking behind tables. So I slowly unzipped my jacket and took it off looking down pretending I was looking at something was on my shoe, but everything was find shirt didn't rise one inch so I sat down and had my meal with mom and I calmed down and got up without a thought put on my jacket paid for the meal and left. I was so releaved that there was no incident so I came home and posted this guess it gets better from here I plan on carrying every chance I get :mrgreen:
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Great story. Congrats on the first carry. Hopefully I will get my CCW in a week or so and can join the club too.
:lol: Hee Hee I know that feeling I would stop at Mc D's on my way home some mornings [when I was armed] and boy the looks I would get from some people. I even had 1 lady ask me if I was on duty I said Yes Ma'am [Didn't bother to tell her as a supervisor I'm on duty 24 hours a day] and ordered my food. The manager would come out if he could and chat with me and this lady was complaining to him that me with a side arm was making her nervous . He just looked at her and told her she was safer with me there with my weapon then the gang bangers that usually hung around there. She got mad and left he just waved goodbye to her and went back to chatting with me. :wink: [What she didn't know was he was one of my old neighbors and we'd been shooting several times]
I actually never carry on my person (mainly because I'm a scrawny guy these days and there's not much room to hide anything), but I always carried in my messenger bag since up until recently I always rode a motorbike when I was out and about. Worked out great because the two bags I had fit great and were easy to get to with my right hand (A swiss army backpack from Target and a Chrome Messenger Bag). Just sew an inexpensive nylon holster into the exterior pocket and you're set!

Good to hear the first day CCW was a positive experience!
Welcome to the CCW club. You'll get used to being armed and you will quit worrying much about being made. Most folks don't know what a concealed weapon looks like and it never dawns on them those around them may be armed.

Just stay safe and be careful.
I need to get my CCW myself. And another pistol. I would rather carry something else a big smaller than my ruger .45. It seems like it would be a little bulky on me.
BAH! I am still waiting on my permit to come in from the State.
It gets better each time out. Most people out there don`t see anything anyway.
Cant wait to get mine. Talking a long lunch break this week to run around and get all the paperwork and get the details.
One of the nice things about South Carolina they don't have any laws against printing [ Not saying I want everyone to know I carry, when I get it. but it's nice not to be a MAJOR concern] But even with this bit I will be as carefull as I can be
yup most people wouldn't know a print if they saw one.

Enjoy your ccw. can't wait to get mine.
Printing is showing the outline of the pistol while conceal carrying.
i agree, you need to worry less about printing. A quick glance when you exit vehicles or stand up to make sure the weapon is not exposed is ok, but checking too often can draw the attention needed to be 'made'

Try spotting a ccw behind the counter at any gun store, prolly cant unless they open carry. And I can almost guarantee that everyone there is carrying, I know for a fact that they do at mine.

one thing you learn, if you think you feel 'naked' when you forget your cellphone at home, try forgetting your weapon or entering a 30.06 area it's 10 fold that feeling.
YOU'RE A BLACK GUY??????? OH CRAP, this changes everything!!!!!

or not. JK of course. You had many of the same feelings I had when I started to carry and yes, because of your skin color, some folks think differently - there's a big secret, huh? Were I there, and saw you..... I'd be considering the environment, the fact that you were sitting down, with an older lady (meant respectfully of course), and taking your time. All indicators, gun or not, I was probably safer with you THERE than not, had I seen your side arm.

It'll get easier. And +100 to the above, you notice more about you, than others do, you'll get used to it.

Congrats on your new capability, welcome to the club and stay safe brother!
I don't worry about printing, like shooterz said, it's not a problem here in SC. what i do worry about is being in a crowded area, where people are bumping into you.
Most people see a print under a shirt, on the persons strong side, cell phone with be thought of before gun... just my experiences... which brings me to my next point... do not put your cell phone on the same side of your belt as your pistol.
went to wally world with no problems people didnt even give me a second look.
Just want to point out that wal-mart chain does not permit handguns in their stores, they fall under the "...and where posted".
"Oh my god that black guy has a gun"
I'm sorry man, but that made me laugh so hard when I first read it. I can see a whole roomful of people screaming and running. I think the same thing when I have mine with me, expect it's "Oh my god, that tattooed guy has a gun".

We have open carry, I don't often, but have. If you don't exersize your rights and all that, you know. That being said, congrats on a clean first day carrying man. You'll get more used to it, and it'll become like second nature. Just be safe, and stay level headed, you'll be fine.
hmmmm. i carry in my local Wal Mart... i've never seen signs or anything.
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