First day out with trial drum mag... not pretty...

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  1. blkhwkfxr

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    Total destruction, oh the horror ! The humanity of it all!!!! Simply put, it broke :roll:

    Loaded the first trial drum magazine with 30 rds of 9mm to feel the pressure of the rounds pushing back on my thumb. Didnt seem too bad so I loaded another 10 ( 40 total ) then I felt some resistance so I stopped there. Thought to myself, 40 rounds aint so bad ** Shrugg**. Loaded the drum into my mag well and locked it carefully into place... the lock held even with some test gossling... SMILE... Charged the weapon and felt the first round slide into the chamber smoothly...GRINNING EAR TO EAR... took aim ** Little wisper to the gods of gun powder ** and sqweezed the trigger... BANG !!!! SNAP !!!! THUD !!!! CHING, CHANG, TINK, TInk tink.... tink. The rounds rolled around the range cement floor as they poored out of the broken weld at the top of the drum ** Tear**

    And the moral of the story boys and girls ? ALWAY, ALWAYS, temper your welds !!!!
    More to follow next week... Sorry I was too heart broken to take any photos this time :oops:

  2. Good to hear you're far along enough to test it. Let us know how this progresses!
  3. neothespian

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    DUDE!! That sucks :cry:

    BUT, invention is never an easy road. At least you got it to fit and were able to charge the weapon. Besides, if you got it 100 percent right on the first prototype you wouldn't appreciate the eventual and inevitable success on your part :D

    Keep us posted!
  4. Bummer, atleast you tried. Keep it up. I think its great.
  5. DOH!

    Time to reset>reweld>and try again.
  6. Sounds like the mass of that loaded drum isn't willing to move as fast as the carbine when the recoil hits. I don't know whether there's room or not, but some additional metal melded across the seam might help.
  7. rodka

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    hope you get it working sounds cool.
  8. Curious, did the weld itself break, or did the metal break at the edge of the weld?
  9. blkhwkfxr

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    Biggest problem, it was my first attempt at stick welding. Going to stick with the triied and true silver solder on next attempt. Think it was just a week weld, the metal was fine but the weld just didnt hold.
  10. neothespian

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    Perhaps a different composition for the stick welder? The trick would be to see if the drum and the magazine are of the same alloy or if perhaps they're a different grade steel....that might be the ticket.
  11. Actually TIG or a small wire MIG would be better choices for welding something like this, preferably TIG.

    Another choice might be brazing it with a bronze rod, if the metal is not too thin to take the heat

    I do not have too much experience with silver solder, if it works great!
  12. My Grandad (RIP) always told me "the only people who do anything are the ones who BREAK stuff.."

    Truer words have never been spoken...

    Keep going-- you will get it sometime for sure!

  13. Get another one cut to fit and take it to a welding shop and have them tig it. It wont come apart and the weld will look very nice
  14. +1

    ask at the range too - many welders do shoot! And most I know would love to get working on a neat project with someone.
  15. Offer to let the welder test fire the first drum.I'll bet it holds.
  16. It charged the weapon!!

    That is a major victory not to be overshadowed by the setback. Each step is nearer a working hi cap.
  17. Strangerous

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    Re: It charged the weapon!!

    +1, and temper those welds!
  18. awe4fire

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    i not to sure about a drum but in ohio there a 30 rd limit. i'd be happy with a 30 rd capacity.
  19. AndrewST

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    It sounds like you had great success with this first outing. The drum fit, and you were able to charge the weapon smoothly. That is the definition of progress, glad to see you have gotten so far.

    Keep us posted, and pics are always nice.