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First Day @Range... OFF Target

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Today was my first day of shooting with my brand new C9. I started shooting 7-8 yards away but did not quite hit the x on target (most of shots were more towards the southwest of it ). I was however yet on the black circle spot ( posted it ) . I thought it's C9 accuracy issue but I saw some YouTube videos....man It's accurate. I don't know what is my problem.. Any ideas ?


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Forget those silly electronic muffs. They never have batteries when you want them.

Actually, for planned range trips, they’re great.

But I have 3 pair of the cheap corded silicon flange type plugs in cases in my truck (drivers door pocket, the pocket behind the drivers seat, and in the center console) and most of my rifle cases have the military style case on them. I HAVE the electronic muffs....I just never bother with them.
I was always taught to exhale a bit, then hold and shoot. More relaxed that way.
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