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First Day @Range... OFF Target

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Today was my first day of shooting with my brand new C9. I started shooting 7-8 yards away but did not quite hit the x on target (most of shots were more towards the southwest of it ). I was however yet on the black circle spot ( posted it ) . I thought it's C9 accuracy issue but I saw some YouTube videos....man It's accurate. I don't know what is my problem.. Any ideas ?


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Maybe you should just lower your rear sight a little......
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Like @missiledefender said, your shots look a little strung out, vertically. With that being said, the group is consistent enough to indicate that the 7 o'clock position is a sight adjustment issue. You should move the rear sight up and to the right. Continue working on making the group more consistent from there with plenty of dry-fire training.
I think you are spot on.
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I was always taught to exhale a bit, then hold and shoot. More relaxed that way.
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