First ever WWB Issue

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  1. Went to the range yesterday, drug my one son who's never shot a gun along. We broke him in with the 995 and a picture target of OBL! It was a hoot. Next to the pistol range, a couple 100 round boxes of WWB and away we go.

    Started shooting my M&P9c. After a few shots, had a fail to load. The bullet was just sitting there. Racked again, worked, so kept shooting. Another magazine....... happened twice again. GRRRRR. Must be the gun. We waded through 3-4 more mags and I took the opportunity to train on mis-fires action steps, etc. as we talked through each jam and how to fix it.

    Next up - the HP 40. Smooooooooth as butter. 100 rounds later, he says, "I LIKE this one!"

    Next up, my EMP. This gun has not had a problem, not one, not ever. Third shot - JAM. Bullet just sitting in front of the chamber. Rack and start over. Three more shots - JAM. WTF!!! Drop the cartridge and the side of it is pealed back exposing the entire bullet! That's interesting. New magaizine - more jams. New magazine, more jams. This sucks.

    Next up, Kel-Tec P-11. Figuring at this point, it's gotta be the ammo. Three mags on the P-11, 2-3 jams per mag. All the jams the bullet would not insert into the chamber.

    I've shot thousands of WWB rounds........ this is the FIRST box I've ever had trouble with.

    BUT - my kid had a blast, we had fun together, and like you all and I've said many times, a day at the range with our kid........ well that's why we do all the other stuff, isn't it? :) :)
  2. doh! sounds like a bit of a pain for that range trip. hope the enxt one goe sbetter. Now the real question is why had your son never been??! :p

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    I'm hoping he is under 10 years old... that's the only excuse i can think of at the moment!
  4. He's my middle son and I don't like him that much. My older one is out on his own and doing well. My younger son is much smarter and already knows what he wants in life. My middle son....... well...... he's not real bright, has a very bad attitude, bad grades, a criminal record and just plain smells.

    JK of course........ fact is, both other sons have been shooting with me many times. The middle dude is the football player who really didn't have a minute to himself between practice, school, work, and this cute little cheerleader he's dating. He works his tail off and I couldn't be more proud of him. Football's over now and he's recovered his grades to where they need to be and looking toward college..... and we've been spending more time just the two of us. So naturally, time to go shoot! :cool:

    My kid.........

  5. LOL you had me there for a second. Especially about the smelly part.
  6. Ditto...glad I read on....was Thinking "Wow, what a d*ck" :shock: :D
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    I've shot literally thousands of WWB 9mm rounds through my Ruger P95 and have never had a Fail to Feed. Last couple of boxes I've shot through the P95 have had numerous FTF. Same thing as you...Gun fires, ejects spent case, and then the next round is caught. I keep my guns immaculate. What's going on with WWB. They've raised the price on it at Wally World to boot. Paid $18.49 per box today...
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    Fired about 2 boxes of 9mm WWB through the Ruger yesterday. Not a single FTF.
  9. I was shooting my firends Ruger 95 a month or so back and we had a few fail to feed with WWB 9MM but it was an old box he forgot about and it was starting to get some stains on the brass and the bullet
  10. I have been having FTF on the last box also!!!! I was having about one on every other mag full!!! I figured I had lost the favor of the gods and they where taking their vengence out on my poor WWB!!!Hope the next one is better!!! If not some one is getting a angry Email!!!!!!
  11. I'm going to the range tonight. Planning on picking up a wwb on the way. Never had a problem before with wwb's. Hopefully all will go good. My dad has had some problems with wwb's before though.
  12. I realy dont like WWB. I had tonse of problems after 50 rds in my hi power. I switched to remington UMC And did alot beter. I was having FTE Problems like crazy. Plus it is a real dirrty load. I reload now.
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    One thing on this I never thought about is removing the your barrel and see how the round fits by hand.
  14. The only problem I have ever had with WWB ammo is when it blew up my glock :cry: , a hot charge will do that. I don't think it would have been a problem in any of my other 45's
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    I gave up wwb years ago ,many problems, now use rem. and problems solved
  16. I have never had an issue with 9mm WWB ammo in any of my guns, but have heard of others having issues. WWB is produced as an economy line bulk pack range ammo, so there's always a chance that some bad rounds slip thru QC from time to time.

    If WWB has always performed good in your guns and then all of a sudden it causes issues I would note the lot number then purchase a second box with a different lot number. If the second box performs well then the first box lot would be suspect at being off quality. I have ran into this many a time with all types of ammo from my military days to present, especially with .22lr ammo.
  17. Newskate you got me LOL I thought to myself, wow, talk about brutally honest! The I read on and realized Id been pawned ;)

    Sorry to hear of the ammo trouble, but like you said, every day at the range is a good day, especially with your kids :)
  18. I had trouble with WWB 9mm FMJs in my P-11. Never had a problem with it before, until that day. Racked one in the chamber, fired and it blew the slide completely back, locked it and blew gun powder frags and sparks right back in my face....released the slide back, chambered another, fired....same thing...powder burns on my face. If I hadnt had my shooting glasses on I would probably be blind right now....
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    A day at the range with family is a good one. Sorry to hear about the bad ammo. I am sure it happens from time to time. I have shot a few thousand rounds of it and never really had a problem.
  20. THe last 600rds in my C9 have been the WWB value pack and i haven't had any issues untill the last 100. It fires, ejects and tries to chameber the next rd, but doesn't. It is almost like the lip of the shell is catching on the edge of the chamber because if i pull back on the sled ever so slightly it will chamber. i will prolly look into some better ammo but i sure do like the price of the WWB

    oh, and sorry about the smelly kid. lol :lol: