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  1. Fenix

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    I was wondering what to get for my first gun, and ya'll probably saw my other thread about kel-tec so does anyone have any recommendations? I'm under 21 so no handgun recommendations, since I can't buy ammo for it. I was thinking either a 930SPX (from mossberg, $550) or the masada in 7.62x39, but I'm open to any suggestions since everyone here has more experience than me in these matters :p thanks.
  2. minidriver

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    my first gun was a SKS,,,,, still have it,,,,,,still love it.

  3. Batjac

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    I'm liking the Saiga in 7.62x39. It's basically a new AK in hunter's trim. The action is classic AK, but the stock is a Monte Carlo stock to get around the "Assault Weapon" thing... It's even made in the same Russian factory that produces the AKs. Go to and look at their forums. I got one a couple of weeks ago and love it.
  4. elguapo

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    A saiga or SKS are cheaper than that mossy. My first "Real" gun was my Norinco SKS....I still have it.
  5. 1motion

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    you can never go wrong with a remington 870, it can be set up for just about anything you want and the after market for them is endless. i dont think any gun owner should be without an 870 laying around somewhere.

    as far as rifles go... the masada has nice features but for a fist gun thats a pretty high end gun. if you are looking for something in 7.62x39 get yourself a decent AK or ruger mini 14 and you will be throwin lead for years on end. if you just want something fun to shoot then look no farther than a hi point carbine in whatever caliber you want, they are cheap reliable and it would be a good way to learn some good shooting habits.
  6. The only problem with that is that the 995 shoots a pistol caliber, and he's not 21 yet. Wal-Mart might sell it to you, if you told them that it's for a rifle, not a pistol, but you never know. I would suggest the 995 or the 4095 as well, but other than the ammo issue it might not be workable.

    Shot guns are good, or maybe even a 10/22 for some good time accurate plinking fun.
  7. neothespian

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    My first gun was an AK-47 Soviet, but it wasn't the variety of plinker you should get any 14 year old. I just happened to live in a...well..."special" neighbourhood.

    My first legit gun as an adult was, believe it or not, a Taurus Model 66 .357 Magnum! It was by design that I bought , but I wouldn't suggest going so large for the first run out.

    A 10/22 is an awesome choice, since it's also a gun you can keep in the collection forever....there's ALWAYS dozens of uses for a .22LR!!
  8. A good 22 would be a nice choice mossberg makes one for about $100 it is 10 round semi. shoots nice and ammo is very cheap.
  9. Fenix

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    hmm, i'll look into the saiga, not bad for the price and it can pass as sporting :D (and uses ak mags so I wont have to buy new ones if i decide to "upgrade" :twisted: )

    I said I'm under 21, not under 18 :p
  10. hipoint.nut

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    +1 for the Hi-Point 995
  11. vallen

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    I would not suggest a SKS, AK or Saiga for a first gun (unless you are in a special neighborhood). It just isn't practical for a new shooter. You need practice, range time, and something you can work on, easily.
    First Gun IMO should be .22LR - learn to shoot it- well. Its cheap, it's easy to shoot, practical for a minor, and versatile enough to last you many decades of enjoyment. I'm in my 40's and I still like to shoot my 10/22. And it will still familiarize you with the mechanics of shooting, your body dynamic and basic gun care.

    The Ruger 10/22 is my obvious recommendation, however there are hundreds of other choices like classic Marlins, Remingtons and Brownings.
    The problem with bigger calibers will be your ammo economy. If it's your first gun, you need shoot that thing as much as possible. Commie rounds will just be too expensive to learn with. You can get 1000Not to mention quirky gun personality traits that are not for the novice shooter. The basic 22LR will provide a baseline.
  12. uncle jerky

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    Look into Marlin's line of 22 LR and 22 Mag rifles.They are quality, American-made rifles priced really well and are good "teaching" rifles.
  13. neothespian

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    Oh, it wasn't a comment on your age...noted that. That's just when my brother got me my first one. But then again, what's common in one country is just freakin' weird in another.
  14. JonB

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    Ditto on the 10/22. It was my first gun.

    They shoot great out of the box and you can customize later if you want to. Mine is still stock, but I'm planning on scoping it and adding and extended mag release.

    I probably put 2000 rounds through that thing before I cleaned it for the first time. I'm not recommending that, but if shows you that it's a reliable gun.
  15. Dreamthief

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    my first guns were bought at the same time. they were a 45 dollar chinese copy of an M44 and a savage clip fed .22
  16. Don't think there's anything wrong with an AK/Saiga as a first gun. They really arnt all that difficult to work on at all, in fact their simplicity is one reason why they have been so successful, any idiot terrorist can work on one, then it can't be that bad. Compare it to a bolt action .22 then yes, much more intricate as a .22 usually has the bolt that's removed. But any case, a .22 would make a superb first rifle, and a 10/22 is ideal as it's something you can have lots of upgrade fun with later and is a reliable platform.
  17. vallen

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    Training guns - even in the Eastern Block countries are a smaller caliber.
    Remember- first gun. Learning to shoot. Sighting, lots of practice, sighting some more, familiarizing your body and muscle control, feeling the kick, shot anticipation, this all takes hundreds- thousands of rounds before you learn true marksmanship.
    AK/ SKS this gets expensive, real quick. They are quirky- you don't want a "new" shooter to deal with the quirks on their first gun. You want to focus on shooting, safety, and caring for the weapon. The kick alone will wear you out after a few hundred rounds for a new shooter. Anyone can shoot a .22LR all day long. Not to mention availability of .22 in about any WalMart, sporting goods store, even hardware store.
    Come on! No question 22LR is the way to go.
  18. While I obviously agree that a .22 is the "americans first gun" of sorts, all these points you've listed I cant really agree with Vallen. 7.62x39 is a rather cheap round, available at the local gun shops for 20 rounds for 3-4 bucks or less. As for kick, unless your doing over 500 rounds in one day, then the 7.62x39 is nothing to fret. This is certainly no .22lr, but nothing is really. Honestly a .22 gets rather boring after awhile. I can't take just a .22 to the range unless I've only got an hour to spend. They are great first guns, but definatly not the only choice out there. A SKS or AK/Saiga would certainly make fine first weapons. Also Saigas come in a varity of calibers, like .410 and 12 gauge!
  19. vallen

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    Please think of this from the perspective of a first gun. While you might get bored shooting a .22, it's a day of fun for a first time gun owner. Plus, you'd spend about 80% LESS - can you at least agree with that?
    No Way you can get 7.62x39 at Wally World or Academy- can you agree with that?
    Kick- sure the 7.62x39 isn't bad, but again- you have shot them before and know how to shoot. To Learn, you need to shoot ALOT: cans, targets, turtle heads popping up- there no way you're going to argue in the economies of scale that a 22 isn't the way to go for a first time learner.
    And yes, I have shot 500 rounds a day, and had Tons of fun. If I was shooting 7.62x39 I'd be sore and my ears would be ringing for days...
  20. Again .22 makes a fine first rifle, probably the best choice. My point is that it's not the ONLY choice. Some people love the bigger boom and the bigger caliber and cost isn't always the determining factor. I do remember when you could get 7.62x39 at walmart back in florida, but not sure if all walmarts stopped carrying it or what. I am in no way arguing that a .22 is not a good first gun, just always good to look at options. I also know what 500 rounds feel like. For Primal and I that was simply a warmup every weekend at the range. We would spend over 100 each on ammo on a regular basis and spend the whole day there shooting everything from .22 to 7.62x39&54 all the way to .50. .22s are a hoot, and can be alot of fun, expecially if you get a fun one like a Ruger 10/22. I wouldn't trade my first gun, a Marlin Glenfield, for anything, even a Garand as it's my first gun and I have taught many people to shoot with it. It's good to know what's out there though as he isn't a 12 year old that going to be limited by his size. Lots of people have had their first rifle be something much larger then a .22. Browse the buffet before you fill up your plate.