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  1. `Justin

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    What would a nice gun to have for as a first? I like some but give me a few suggestions on what kind of a first gun to have would be.
  2. Joe Sixpack

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    whats your price range?

    or do you mean nice first hi-point?

    also what are you wanting it for plinking/target practice?, hunting?, self/home defense?

  3. Strangerous

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    Well, since your are under 21, it's gonna be a long gun, i sugguest a shotgun, maybe a Mossy 500 or Maverick 88. If you are not a scattergun fan, i sugguest you get a Hi Point 995, Ruger 10/22, or a mil-surp mosin or sks.
    My first firearm purchase was a pistol. (Yeah, i waited until i was 21 before i bought any firearms, and i also had a pistol before a long gun)
  4. Joe Sixpack

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    of course you could always ask for hand gun for your birthday or something, im unsure of the law in phoenix but in ohio you can legally own a hand gun if you're under 21 just can't buy it your self.. course ammo is a problem unless it's something like .22lr, you can use those in both so just say it's for rifle no prob.

    personally i've always been against laws requiring 21 years of age, 18 is a an adult you're held responsible for your own actions, can go and fight and die for your country in the military but can't legally drink or buy a handgun..

    one screwed up country we live in.
  5. elguapo

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    He CAN possess a pistol, like Joe said. Ammo would be the problem. Only way he could legally get one, is if a parent "gifted" it, vs me (uncle). I would gladly, but also would get in hot water with his mom, my sis.
    I think a nice 995 and a decent amount of mags would be best. JMHO
  6. Joe Sixpack

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    oh i see, heck why did'nt he just ask you about a first gun then? im sure you could have helped him out.

    ya to bad, his situation he will have to get a rifle the 995 dont sound like a bad idea, course i'd probably get a .22 first cause it's cheaper to shoot, if you have the money get a 995 and a .22 rifle, i bought my mom a marlin 60 from wally world for 134 and some change..

    it is a sweet shooting rifle and has a very nice wood stock.. birch wood i think, great .22.
  7. `Justin

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    Well knowing my unc i'll prob go with the 995, but im able to buy ammo for it since you guys were saying buying ammo for a hand gun would be a problem would it be the same as rifle ammo and thanks for the suggestions.
  8. Joe Sixpack

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    ya 9mm is a pistol caliber round but the 995 is considered a rifle so just tell them it's going to be used in a pistol caliber rifle hopefully they wont give you any guff..

    check into a .22 though.. seriously even 9mm gets expensive if you shoot often.

    usually i'll fire 100-150 rounds of 9mm in my taurus 92 as practice.. and then switch to a .22 for some fun (not that shooting my 92's are'nt fun) cause the rounds cost about 1/10 that of 9mm.. and 9mm is like the 2nd cheapest round out there.
  9. A good first gun for a new shooter, or someone who does not have a lot of expierence with firearms, is a good .22 rifle or handgun. This helps you develope all the right habits, skills and general firearms safety without spending a lot of money on the firearm and ammo. The more you can afford to shoot the more skill you aquire.

    It's really hard to beat the Ruger 10/22 for a semi auto rifle or the Savage 64 if the Ruger is above your price range. The Marlin 60 makes a nice semi-auto if you prefer tube feed 22 rifles and its priced between the Savage and Ruger.

    For a good first handgun in 22lr the Ruger MkII, MkIII, Ruger 22/45, S&W 22a or Browning Buckmark make very fine pistols to develope skills with. Again shooting at the range with a .22lr will not break the bank and most of these pistols are reasonably price. The S&W 22a is probably the least expensive of those listed above and its a fine pistol for plinking, hunting and general field carry. The 22/45 is probably the next least expensive of those listed and if the grip frame fits your hand you wont be disappointed, I know I really enjoy my 22/45 so have no problems recommending them.

    If revolvers are more to your liking the .22lr offerings from Taurus or Charter Arms are most affordable in Double Action. S&W 22 revolvers are as expensive as their centerfire's but they are really sweet guns. For Cowboy style Single Actions the best of the best is the Ruger Single Six with the Heritage Arms Rough Rider being second choice and less expensive.

    Unless you need something for self defense or concealed carry (obiviously CC is not an option for you at this time due to age) I would definately recommend a .22lr as a first time fire arm.

  10. `Justin

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    I like el's sks and i wouldnt mind having an sks of my own but need be if it is to espensive for me i'll look into the guys you guys said, and i dont hunt, i dont like shooting animals for fun so i guess i want a nice gun for target practice and good aim and reasonably inexspensive ammo for it.
  11. I agree with Rimfirehunter. If you are just looking for a rifle to plink with on the cheap, you cant beat a .22 semi auto.

    You can get the Savage Stevens one at wally world for not much more than a hundred bucks new, and ammo can be bought by the 500 rd brick for not that much.
  12. unclerob

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    I agree with some of the others. Get yourself a "no frills" Ruger 10/22.
    You will never regret it and it will last long enough that you will have it to pass down to your son someday.
    They are great "first" rifles.
    Be safe.
  13. griff30

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    410 single shot. Damn nice starter. low recoil and you can hunt with it and in emergency use 38 loads in it. It really is a SHTF survival arm.
  14. neothespian

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    Well, I'm not one to say what makes for a good first gun considering my brother gave me MY first firearm at 14, and it's not exactly like it was a warm fuzzy family moment....

    I say for a first gun, an SKS or a 10/22 are both excellent choices. Both are VERY popular, mechanically well built and fairly easy to field strip, and exhibit the firing techniques well. And, both run for about the same ammount (well, the 10/22 is a little cheaper since SKS's are going for stupid high prices in Arizona).

    Better M44?? After firing that, every other gun will be cake and it's a first hand look at ballistics. That and it's under $100 on average still.
  15. I totally agree with you on the gun choices Neo, except for the fact that other than the .22 caliber, ammo prices have went up and its not cheap to get enough ammo to practice with and keep some on hand with the 7.62x39 for the SKS and 7.62x54R for the M44
  16. masfonos

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    Ruger 10/22, absolutely.

    Then, as soon as you can afford it, either an AK or AR15. One of those might even take precedent over the 10/22. I say this because of the possibility of not being able to buy them again in the near future, buying one ASAP would be a good insurance policy toward you're getting to enjoy one of these fine, versatile firearms.

    After that, you will likely have enough of a feel for what to get next and have hung out around enough other "gun guys" (at the range and whatnot) to have had some experience with different ones to know where to steer your collection next.


    You definitely want a 10/22 then. Check out for some good examples of what you can do with them; from out of the box to thousands of dollars worth of upgrades.
  17. griff30,

    A .410 WILL NOT shoot .38/357 because, the .38/357 is a much smaller case than the case on a .410 shot shell. The .38/.357 will drop about half way down the bore on a .410. Any shotgun chambered for .410 can ONLY shoot .410 ammo.
  18. masfonos

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  19. i had a friend who claimed he put 44 mags in his single shot .410.
    never tried it myself....not even sure it would fit.
  20. griff30

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    Yes sorry drink night 45LC