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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by planosteve, Nov 15, 2014.

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    Well I really screwed up taking the JHP to the range this morning. I only took 100 rounds of PMC ball with me.:eek: That was a mistake.

    As this was a brand new pistol all I had done is cleaned the bore and a couple drops of CLP on the rails. The mag had only been loaded for a day so I took a couple extras with me. Function for a new pistol was good, I only had one FTF on the 2nd round of the new mag the first time I used it, whacked the slide and the round chambered . The only other minor issue is with fully loaded mags I had to whack the slide to get it to release and chamber the first round. For me this is not a big deal as I have no problem hitting it with my support hand.

    Accuracy was crazy good at 10 yards. This is one zombie killing machine.:D

    Please see attached photos for proof of accuracy. Upper left is offhand first couple mags to get a feel for the gun. The last two groups in the center top and bottom of the targets are offhand at 10 after I fiddled with the sights.

    Did I say I am impressed with the accuracy, the guy on my right shooting Sigs was impressed. We talked about it and I told him about the sale at Cabela's. The guy on my left ignored the HP as he was shooting 1911's. My groups were better than his.

    The trigger wasn't too bad. It was 38 at the range so I was wearing my light shooting gloves. Take up was rather long but the trigger broke clean and was consistent. I am not real fond of the sights so I might need to get the Mohan's at a later date.

    So I will fully admit that the members of this forum were correct and this is probably the finest 150 dollar pistol made.

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    I'm confused. Are you saying you had to hit it to release from locked back position or to get it to fully return to battery? If the latter, drip a few drops of oil down the FP channel and rack the snot out of it & make sure rounds are seated back in mag with a good smack in your palm. That often helps. If the former, you're doing it wrong. Pull slide back fully and release.

  3. planosteve

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    First, thank you for the advice, I do appreciate it. I did not put on much CLP on the rails before I took it to the range.

    With the slide locked back and a fresh fully loaded mag installed I would pull it back and the slide would only go forward a little bit. I did not have this issue if only 8 rounds were loaded. If the slide was in battery with an empty chamber and I pulled the slide back fully it would chamber. Now it was cold and I was wearing gloves so I might not of gotten the slide fully back from its locked back position.

    Now that I have played with it for the first time I will lube the entire rail when I tear it down and clean it. I figure it is new and might be a bit stiff so currently I am not worried about it. I fully admit it might of been me, as with my gloves on I was having a bit of an issue pulling back on the slide, but it was cold and I am a wimp. I will need to try this without gloves to see if it was my lack of a manly grip.:D
  4. planosteve

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    One thing I did notice, is my feed ramp is not painted. It is very smooth with no pits, gouges, or any other issues.
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    Solution # 1 it is. Also (nobody likes hearing this lately) you need to break in the mag. (little tight getting that last round in there?) It'll improve the more you shoot it.
  6. planosteve

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    Yea I know that from my 4595, but I wanted to shoot the new toy. To be honest if I had know it was going to that accurate I would of bought one sooner. Once I started shooting it the weight did not seem to be an issue. It is still bulky but recoil is light and I can get back on target pretty quick.
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    Dude, when the zombies come, I want you on my team. REALLY Nice shooting!:)

    I wonder if they are masking the ramp to not get coated, or if they simply machine or polish it after coating? Good info regardless.

    And my fix for that "need to slap the slide" to finish going into battery is to smooth the inside edges of the mags using an old worn out emery board, essentially, I'm breaking them in artificially, and faster. I've had a few new mags do that on the .40, or 9, but never the .45.
  8. planosteve

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    I am going to lube the slide rails better than I did in my preliminary just good enough to shoot cleaning. I think I got lucky in that my trigger has very little side to side play. The take up is long but the break is crisp and consistent.

    I was really surprised at the lack of recoil, very gentle shooting and easy to keep on target. Balances better than I expected.
  9. tallbump

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