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    Shot the cf380 today an these are my first impressions about the Hi Point.
    1. It's heavy
    2.. It fits the hand well.
    3. Safety is functional. Did not expect a detent.
    4. Very good sights. Easy on these old eyes
    5. trigger is decent, not the best, but decent
    6. Accurate enough. Shot to 15 yards, struck target each time
    7 reliable, was expecting malfunctions but had zero. Even fed
    Hollow points well.
    8 recoil was non existent. That big honking slide is different.
    Felt like a spring piston air gun to me!

    Think I'm going to like this one!
  2. Rerun

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    All Good!

    (Except that You're Shooting .380 ACP)



  3. Ditto! Except mine is a C9. Hi-Point handguns are the #1 value in the budget gun category. :D
  4. Arclight

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    That's excellent news! I understand our Hi Point pistols are of the blow-back design. No doubt, a proven design of which many compare to the Walther PPK? A better example of a blow-back design comes from Germany in 1942, hence the MG-42.....unmistakably the best machine gun of the time on the battle field.

    Hey, I'd say the .380 Auto is a good choice for many reasons. Its great to hear that Hi Point are a reliable, accurate, and a safe fire arm to shoot!
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