First Range Day

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    First time at the range with the new C9 (pics here). Burned through 250 rounds of mixed ammo. 100 WWB, 100 Remington and 50 American Eagle.


    The good news. I liked it. No, I loved it. The thing just shot and shot. Felt great in my hands. Don't have anything to compare it to but kickback was very little. It was a great way to piss away 250 rounds and the brand of ammo didn't seem to matter. The cherry on top is that I think I'm even shooting pretty well.

    The bad news. I hate having to reload every eight rounds. Some 10-round mags are on the shopping list. It also suffered three FTF's. The first was the third round my wife shot out of it. Me thinks limp wristing was to blame. The other two were late in the session. Both were the first round of eight. When I released the slide it hung up on the round (terminology?). Both times, dropped the mag, reinserted and went bang bang. Oh yeah, we had crosswinds of 12-15 mph gusting to 25. Yuck.

    Did someone say "pictures or it didn't happen"?

    First target at 7 yards after not shooting a pistol for a bazillion years.
    Not too bad for a rookie. The top right, bottom left, and bottom right were supposed to be eight rounds each at the end of the first session. The rest was just making holes and getting a feel for it.

    Second target.
    That should say 2nd @ 7. Again, just shooting away getting the feel. Not gonna win any trophies.

    Third target.
    This one was at 15 yards. Once again, not too shabby for the FNG.

    Last one of the day. Eight rounds per bullseye.
    Corner targets all at 7 yards. TL standing, TR sitting, BL kneeling and BR leaning against a post. Pretty good. The center target was at 15 yards standing. With sand blowing in my face. This is the one that keeps you from thinking you're any good.

    All in all not a bad day. Love my C9. Finally, have a good laugh looking at the video below. Please no comments on my poor style or pot belly.


    See ya.
  2. Looks like you picked up really fast, good shooting!

  3. Nice shooting my friend. After that many years, I can't say that you lost any skill, you just needed to knock the rust off what you got. Nice job dude.