First Range Report With 995

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  1. First off, I think Hi-Point is serious about the 4595 carbine now. Just read the bottom of this paper that came with my carbine.


    I find that interesting. Now, I had a pretty good day at the range today. It was pretty cold at 38 degrees F. There was an occasional mild breeze, no more than maybe 5 mph. I had the iron sights installed on the carbine, and had to sight it in first. All the ammo I shot today was with my reloads, so I'm surprised there weren't any misfeeds or jams of any kind out of 145 rounds fired today.


    The first target shows what the 115 grain Remington JHP bullets did at 25 yards. This was the better of two groups fired with this load at this distance.


    This second target shows a ten shot group at 50 yards using the 115 grain Remington JHP reloads. I wasn't too impressed with this group. It could be the load, the bullet, or the iron sights, as I had a hard time getting a decent sight picture. That front sight post is really thick, making it hard to get very precise.

    I decided then to return to 25 yards and try my reloads using 125 grain LRN bullets I cast and sized/lubed myself. These bullets are made out of wheelweight alloy and lubed with Jake's Purple Ceresin bullet lube using an RCBS LAM II sizer/lubricator with a homemade sizer heater. The bullet mold is the Lee 6-cavity 356-125-2R mold. I sized these bullets to .356", making them .001" larger than bore diameter for a snug fit.


    This is one of the cast load groups shot at 25 yards. I think the barrel was also getting settled in after I cleaned it from shooting the jacketed bullets.


    I was pretty pleased with this target, also shot with the cast bullet load. If it weren't for the three fliers on the left, it would have made my day.

    All in all, I'm pretty pleased with the performance of my new 995 carbine. Since I came home, I stopped by Wal-Mart and bought new scope rings to mount my scope. Next time out, I'm going to try the same loads and see if the scope shrinks these groups a little. Perhaps I may try some 100 yard groups if it shoots well enough. Not bad for a cheap carbine, especially when it functioned 100% for all 145 rounds.

  2. Looks like a good trip to the range. Don't get too excited they have been listing the 4595 on that flyer for awhile. I think they do it to tease us :(

  3. wizard93,

    I have been having good results with Rainier 124gr Plated RN bullets over mid range charges of HP-38 or Unique in my 995. Also ran some Hunters Supply Hard Cast 115gr LRN's thru the 995 using the same powers but have not found the sweet spot for those loads yet. One thing I did notice about my 995, it does not like the start charge loads too well in terms of cycling the action.

    I put a Tasco Bantam 2.5x compact scope on my 995 for load testing purposes, but not had a chance to give it a test shoot yet. The open sights work fine for defensive shooting needs, which is what they were designed to do, but are lacking in terms of precision shooting for load testing purposes. I cant wait to get my 995 back to the range, but I just had back surgery last friday so its gonna be a while before I can do any shooting.

    Now for your targets... You are well on the way to finding a good load combo for your 995. Keep at it and keep us posted on upcoming results. If you dont mind, send me a PM with your load data because I am always on the lookout for new loads to tinker with.

  4. wizzard both the 995 and 4095 carbines will shoot very nice at 100 yds plus, with some members reporting decent accuracy at up to 200 yds.
  5. My intention is to find an accurate cast bullet load for the carbine. I enjoy casting my own bullets, and making my ammo as cheap as possible. I plan on performing exhaustive research on loads until I find one of acceptable accuracy. I need to make a powder and primer run soon. On the list are two bricks of small pistol primers, a pound of Power Pistol and a pound of 231 powder.

    I get my mind set to do things sometimes.

  6. wizard,
    good deal. glad it all worked out for you.
    thanks for sharing your first range report with us.
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    I use cast bullets in both my 995 & 4095. In the 995 I use a 119 gr. cast cone point bevel base, CCI primer, and Bullseye powder. In the 4095 I use a 180 gr. cast flat point bevel base, CCI primer, and WST (Winchester Super Target) powder. Both loads shoot & function well, and are quite accurate. I use both on tactical shoots.
  8. Thanks, PAdutchman.

    I was thinking about the Lee 9mm 120 grain TC mold. I might try that and play around with the Bullseye powder, since it seems to work pretty well with the 125 grain cast bullets. I'm using wheelweight alloy to cast these bullets and quench them in cold water to make them harder. The batch I'm using now shows a BHN of 19. My first trip to the range with the 995 showed no signs of leading, and barrel cleaning was easy. I'll keep you posted if I find another cast bullet weight and design that works well.