First Range time w/4095

Discussion in 'Gun Reviews and Range Reports' started by jdp12354, Oct 22, 2007.

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    Well guy's, I finally got to the range with my 4095, and let me say this WOW!!!!!!! : :shock:
    After a minor sjght in change, I blew away the center of my target at 25 yards, shot the heck out at 50, and was knocking over bowling pins at 100 yards!!!
    I even hit the steel plate (6"x10") at 200 yards 3 out of 10 times! :shock: :D

    My two friends even had a ball with it! :lol:
    Talk about a great time!the 4hours we were there shooting went by fast.
    And we shot alot of other guns , too.
  2. Do you have any pics or videos of your range trip? We all love the Hi-Point carbines, but we love gun porn even more!!!!!

    Sounds like you got yourself a good un... My carbine still shoots better than I do.

  3. Well done! Hundreds of rounds through the carbines is just about the most fun you can have at a range!

    oh.......... and............


    [ all in jest! ]
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    Sorry - no pics!! :(
    We didn't take a camera to the range this last time, but we're going again this weekend, so I'll take my digital!
    I've had the gun for almost 2 months now, and had posted on the old site, like 15 times , but no pics there either. It's the stock 4095 as I don't like the ATI stock, and the sights are great as-is!! :D