First Range Trip for 4095

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    First Range Trip for 4095 (Pic added)

    Not much to say, over 100 rounds, no malfunctions of any kind. Group size at 50 yds got down to about 2" with some 180 gr. XTP reloads that were made for the Glock. Still room to bump it up. Range got a little busy so I didn't get a chance to chrono it, it clocks about 1050 out of the Glock. No pressure signs so should be able to move a little faster.
    I think with the right load it has very good 100 yd. potential for hunting. Hoping to make it to the range to try some more reloads before season starts.
    One interesting thing, talk about Glock bulge, this is a GlockPoint firearm, and with factory fodder (no reloads). Bulge is further from the rim than the Glock is. No big deal.
    Looks like the 44 might be looking for a new home or at least sitting at home while the 4095 goes deer hunting. :D
    To sum up, was a good buy, not disappointed in the least. Might even have to pick up a 40 pistol for a truck gun. Can't be kicking my Glock around on the floorboards :p.

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    Great to hear! Totally expected that you would like it, its so much fun to shoot and accurate enough.

    Getting the JCP is definitely a good idea, the carbine and handgun share mags even, I'm sure that's been brought up though.

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    Love the range report! Next time you go, we'd love to see some pictures. You'll definitely want the pistol to match - it's a beautiful thing to have the carbine & matching pistol.