First range trip with new C9

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    I bought a 9mm Hi Point C9 this month to match my 995 TS. Took it to the local indoor range for the first time and put 150 rounds through it. 100 rounds of Fiocchi and 50 rounds of Blazer. Only 1 FTF. We were fairly happy with the reliability, but not so happy with the accuracy. Even at 5 yards we were shooting salad plate sized groups (!). However as we put more rounds through it, the groupings improved. Since this is the initial break-in period, I think we'll just have to wait and see.

    We tried both the stock sights and the target sights, neither was satisfactory. However my buddy pointed out that, since I bought it for home defense, the big blocky front sight would be more visible at night indoors, and the semi-heavy trigger which negatively affected our accuracy might be beneficial under stressful situations where light triggers produce accidents.

    We had brought 7 boxes of ammo for the break-in, but the range told us they no longer allow aluminum case. :(

    The worst part of the experience was cleaning the C9. It was a royal pain to knock out the retaining pin, and a bigger pain to knock it back in. I need to buy a punch at Harbor freight. I think other than barrel cleaning, I'd try spraying it with break free through the ejection port, scrub with brush then use mop and q-tips to clean.
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    IIRC, the recommended cleaning interval is something like after 1000 rounds through the pistols.