First Range Trip With No Issues

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Reviews & Range Reports' started by bradrob, Dec 26, 2014.

  1. bradrob

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    I bought my C9 about 10 years ago and never shot it until about this time last year. After reading through this Forum before the first range trip, I stripped it down and gave it a good cleaning. Throughout the year I had various issues, mainly FTF (nose-dives). After again reading through the Forum, I learned about tweaking the mags, keeping them loaded, and polishing the feed ramp. I also abandoned WWB ammo, and stuck with Blazer, Federal, and American Eagle.

    Happy to report I put 100 rounds through it today with no issues. It's a very comfortable pistol to shoot, and I'm more accurate with it than with my S&W Shield 9 (nothing against my it too).

    I have found the Forum to be a great source of information; thanks to all who participate! I now have 100% confidence in my C9.
  2. Hipointer

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    Wow. You ought to get a medal. I could never own a gun for about 9 years, and not shoot it. Glad yours is running right now! :)

  3. planosteve

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    OK, looks like I get to ask the obvious stupid question. Why in did you wait 9 years to shoot the C9? I wouldn't last two week without shooting.
  4. bradrob

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    The C9 was my first handgun. I bought it just to have around the house, and pretty much forgot about it. It sat in the box that long until a range opened up nearby and I decided to shoot it.
  5. Dagwood

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    I had a Bryco arms .380 for 13 yrs and never shot it. It was my wifes ex's. It sat in my garage with a full mag. I had read a lot of bad stuff about it. When I finally did shoot it, I put about a hundred rds through it and the breach cracked wide open.
    I have heard that now that they are Jimenez arms the quality is better.
  6. No doubt. Got my 995 3 weeks ago and have put 700 rounds of whatever ammo I could find through it...and 200 more going through it today if my son ever gets out of

    On topic, I have pretty much decided that my 1st handgun will be a C9, and I hope I get one that just shoots anything like the 995 does. I really don't want, nor think I should, modify or alter a brand new gun in order to shoot it....
  7. bradrob

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    Well, good luck with that. My C9 needed simple tweaking (polished feed ramp & adjustment of mags). I feel most important was keeping a firm grip and just plain break-in with anything but WWB ammo. Hope you're not disappointed if there is a short break-in period with minor tweaks required, especially considering it's a $150 pistol.
  8. Point taken. I probably jinxed myself talking good about my 995....had my first jam today. Probably around the 875 round mark but a jam nonetheless.

    I wonder if your C9 is more finicky since it is an older one?

    In the People's Republic of Maryland I can only buy 1 handgun every 30 days so my "first" may be the Springfield XDM 9mm since I have rented it 2 times so far and my son also likes it...maybe I'll make the C9 number 2...
  9. Hipointer

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    Well, I took my C9's out to the range this morning, along with some other handguns, and both of the Hipoint C9's shot great.

    I did not have to "alter" either of my C9's, and my JHP has ran without a hitch as well. Lucky me.
  10. tone

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    A C9 should not be your first choice for a hand gun if you feel that way about messing with it.

    OP I can't believe you waited that long to shoot it! That's kind of just like getting a free gun!
  11. bradrob

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    Don't get me wrong, the process I went through to tweak my C9 was actually kind of fun. It would have taken no time at all if I had known about this Forum and great suggestions from experienced Hi-Pointers beforehand.

    And yes, I'm sure sitting in the box for that many years was not ideal. In all that time I probably had it out of the box 2 or 3 times just to handle it.

    The first time I shot it was during my Basic Pistol Course. I had a box of 147 gr. Speer Lawman I bought with the gun. It shot the 50 rounds flawlessly. The next trip was with WWB, which was a fiasco. After reading through this Forum, I learned several people also had issues with WWB in their C9's. I've had much better success with Federal, American Eagle and Blazer.

    I would have no reservation recommending a C9 as long as you do some homework on this Forum first (which you are obviously doing). Nothing against the Springfield, I've just made a conscious effort to Buy American when I can, and with the price, lifetime warranty, and CS with the C9, you can't go wrong IMO.
  12. I'm going to go with the C9 as planned...but the WWB thing is probably what has me a little "gun" shy (pun intended)...That's my main ammo, and easiest for me to get, so it'll be an experience. ;)
  13. bradrob

    bradrob Brob62 Member

    I've heard others say they have no issue with WWB in their C9's. My Shield 9 didn't like it either. Hope it works for you...good luck and hope to hear back on your range trips.
  14. sonic2wb

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    Since owning my C9 ive only ran tulammo brass max(cheapest ammo at Wal-Mart) thru it (about 240rnds) and after break in it is shooting great! Actually getting ready to shoot another 150 this week. I love my C9