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  1. I just picked up a new in box mossberg 500 for dirt cheap. took it to the range. holy crap i didnt know how fun shotguns were till i was blasting away with buckshot!
    This thing is so sweet. 6rnd magazine a tiny 18 1/2 barrel the slide is real nice and smooth. and so much upgrades out there for this! Only thing is i dont know much about shotguns.
    I had never fired a shotgun before and i do not know a whole lot about shotgun ammo. all i know is buckshot is fun and slugs hurt from a pistol grip! Does anyone have any suggestions about what kind ammo is ideal for home defence??

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    Just for HD 00buck works just fine. I beleive it is filled with 9~12 1/4" balls. That will put most anything you hit flat on it's back. They also make alot of "less lethal" rounds you can see most of them at A lot of people suggest loading a rubber round first and following up with 00buck. Wal-Mart 100 round value packs are pretty good for what they are too. Most shotguns I have ever shot aren't reallly picky about brands. has a lot of upgrades for your new scatter-gun too. Enjoy.

  3. Get a magazine extension and you will love it more.

    I agree with gunnut on ammo. 00 Buck is perfect. Any brand will do.
  4. Depends on what you consider home defense.

    If all you want to do is make the BG run away, I would recommend #4 shot down to #7 shot.

    If you are worried about an attacker shooting at you and your needing to defend yourself, I would suggest # 2, #00 buck or slugs, or a mixture of these shells.

    This is just my personal preferences., but I feel that they will do the job.
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    I have my 12 ga stoked with Winchester #1 buck shot. 16 .30 caliber pellets in the air at one time is the best HD load around. Mixed with slugs for busting through any solid cover and you have the best HD weapon available.

    Just ask any prison guard who carries a shotgun what it's loaded with.
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    Awesome, I am glad you are happy with it. But may I ask what is "dirt cheap"...just curious.
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    As long as its buckshot, it's suitable for HD, preferences range from #4 buck to 00, 000 just isn't practical for must uses. Personally I used reduced recoil 00 for faster follow-up if needed, since I don't have too much room for error in such a small place. Second on the mag extension, it adds fun(ctionality) :twisted: I still don't get the preference for mossy's though, you couldn't get me to give up my 870 for anything (thats a tangent though). Also, an ATI barrel shroud with ghost sights is also good, I'm waiting on mine from benny right now (pics to come in another thread). You get increased accuracy and the obvious heat protection. And a note, a string of slugs will hurt from a full stock as well.
  8. Andrew i picked my baby up for 279. witch is more then a hundred less than retail :) i consider that dirt cheap :)

    Fenix i went with the 500 over the 870 for TWO reasons.
    #1 it was two hundred bucks cheaper and
    #2 is it is the only pump gun to pass the military s 3443 test in witch the freeze the gun bake the gun drop the gun beat the crap out of the gun and fire 3000 rounds of buckshot through it with out falter.

    I dont mean to rag on the 870 its a sweet shotgun in my eyes (my eyes dont know alot about shotguns). remington makes a great gun!!! infact i own a 710 rem 30-06 that im inlove with but the 870 wasnt for me, not what i was lookin for. the 500 fit the bill :p PLUS my hand haha
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    Whats good for one isn't good for others, you made the right choice for yourself. But I got to ask, who the hell was selling 870's for $479? I picked mine up for 350 otd WITH mag factory mag extension and hi-viz follower. You got some price gougers there.
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    Last time I looked you could get Mossburg 500s for $129 at my local Pawn shop all day long. I bought a Savage 12 for $139 at the same shop last year.
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    Prices vary greatly by region. I gave $200 for a barely-used 870 Express Magnum with a synthetic stock...

    The Mossy goes for about $125 or so, used. Usually just under $200 new.
  12. HOLY CRAP!!! geeze minnesota is getting jipped with prices then! geeze!!
    before i bought mine i had checked the pawn shops and gun stores around.

    an 870 for 350? was it used? cus i found an 870 here for about that but it was used and i wanted brand new.

    geeze the midwest is uptight with gun prices phs i gotta move and get myself some good deals.
    or better yet fenix why dont you buy it for me and ship it! lol
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    WOW you guys are getting ripped! i bought a good condition used 870 for 100 bucks a while back. Heck my brand new 870 marine magnum was only 289$ with mag extension and pistol grip.

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    +1 on that reason!
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    If you like it, that's all that matters. Don't let us depress you by telling you that it's a raw deal. Congrats.
  16. I got a Smith and Wesson 3000 (a clone of the 870) for around $100.00 (LEO trade-in). If you like it and could afford it, you got a good deal. I've gotten really dirt cheap deals on guns and gotten really ripped off on gun deals. It's like the old saying, "Some days you get the bear; some days the bear gets you."
  17. Got my Mossberg 500A at wally world new for right at 200 bucks about a year ago I think.

    They are a great shotgun, this is my second one, and they always go bang when you need them to.

    The only reason it has been relagated to second string is my discovering the Saiga 12 shotty.
  18. wow i guess i never really saw how high our prices were on guns!!
    not that itll get me down because i looove it!
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    It was new, I need to post some pics now that I have it set up the way I want. Nothing fancy, just got the heat shield and ghost sights on it now, and a sling. And like everyone else has said, don't feel bad about the prices. But if you want what I got, heres one without extension, I'm sure they have one with it on the site for not much more (or you can get an aftermarket one):

    Edit: Here it is:

    the picture doesn't show it, but it has a 7 round tube. (I love my shotty)
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    ++ on the mag extension and alternating shot/slug.