First Shots 4095ts

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by skyscratcher1969, Sep 20, 2014.

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    Took out my new 4095ts today. Gun came with 3 mags, FG and light. Walked out store under $300! Fired 50rds of 165gr Blazer Brass at targets 25 and 50 yds. Gun functioned flawlessly and sights were dead on. I did let the mags sit full for 4 days before I shot it, other than that nothing else. Thanks Hi-Point for another great 4095!
  2. Thanks for the range report, Sky.

    I picked up a 4095TS a little over a month ago, and can't wait to go shoot it. I put a Magpul AFG-2 foregrip on it and a Brasstacker cheek pad, but that's it as far as mods go.

    I think the wife and I are finally going to get to the range next week (fingers crossed). I've been letting my one and only mag marinate with a full load of cartridges for some weeks now. Should be pretty well set to go, I think. Gotta get a couple more mags for mine (and Mommy's 995TS) before we hit the range. Oh - and an Uplala mag loader!

    I keep looking for this Blazer Brass everyone's talking about, but haven't seen it at my local North Texas Walmarts.


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    I have never seen it in Walmart. I don't think they carry Blazer. Blazer also comes in aluminum case. (cheaper!)I have been buying the heck out of the Fed aluminum from Walmart. It feeds great. I know it has some good punch in 9. Other reports is that it isn't under powered.

    I am going to try some Perfecta (Italian made Tulammo aka Fiocchi) as I have a couple of boxes.

    Tulaammo steel case works good too. I have heard complaints about the Bosnia Hergozvinia stuff. Mine was Ukraine or Russian.