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    My Church has a youth development program called "Lads to Leaders" for boys and "Leaderettes" for girls. Much of it is spiritual, of couse, but much is "life skills." In the boys course there is a section for firearms; safe use, cleaning, and maintenance. I've been asked to teach this portion. After speaking with the Deacon in charge of the program, I've decided to teach it as an NRA FIRST steps rifle (.22LR) course. We've also been informed that there are young ladies who are interested. The Deacon has, therefore, agreed to open the course to any of the Church's membership, whether boy, girl, or adult.

    I've arranged with the Church's Elders to teach the classroom portion in one of the church building classrooms and with a member to use his personal property and his Range.

    Now we just need a date and then an attendance count so I can purchase the class materials from the NRA.

    I'm considering the advisability of pursuing an NRA Pistol Instructor cert for the same purpose.

    Thank you again HPFF for helping me achieve the Rifle Instructor cert and pass on the joy of safe shooting sports. :)

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
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    Sound like a win win for the kids and the church. Looks like that pistol certificate would serve you well also. God bless and be with you.

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    Church stuff aside, can the girls do the firearms portion too? It sounds like a good program justvas a way to trach kids responsibility, etc....but to me, it should be one program. Boy leaders shouldn't be taught differently than girl leaders.
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    Of course. As I said, the class is open to all of the Congregation.

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    NE Utah

    Just curious, what benefit do the class materials offer? Can they use the certification for Hunters safety, or anything? If not, I'm not sure I'd bother giving the NRA anymore money. I kinda figure if they can pay lawyers to fight in court, then they should pay me, or at least subsidize me, to learn how to teach kids the things the lawyers are fighting for...and I'm a lot cheaper.;)

    Same applies to the pistol instructor cert. Unless someone just needs to see that you are certified...I wouldn't do it, unless they payed for it.

    You are welcome, have fun!

    And if you get a lot of parents that want to help...take them aside, tell them they need to "help" using exactly what and how you say, and ask if they mind helping someone else's kid out for at least half the time.

    Sometimes, that works better for the kids and the dads, less pressure, you know?;)
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    Well, first off, I'm not charging a "competitive" rate, which seems to range to around $150-$200. I'm asking $10 to cover course materials and ammo. But as to what the class materials offer, actually, a fair amount.

    -Basic Rifle Shooting Handbook
    -Basic Firearm Training Program Brochure
    -Course Completion Certificate Basic Practical Rocker and Flyer
    -Marksmanship Qualification Program Booklet

    The book alone is $7 + s&h. And quite frankly, everyone likes patches, certificates, & swag.

    Beats me. Maybe.

    I understand and agree. But let's be honest, our society expects certifications. I know that you have seen that in your job. I see that in my job also. I have several certifications that do not much more than assure that I have a certain minimum level of competence in what I am being certified in. And that is the whole point of it. It doesn't certify much but it does usually guarantee a certain minimum level of competence.

    Yeah, I was thinking about that. The class is for students only. I don't need any more assistants then I already have. If adults want to show up they will probably be paired with other adults not with kids. However, I kind of don't really expect any grown men. Most men are just a little bit into certain of their abilities. I expect a class full of boys and girls and maybe a few ladies.

    Anyway, that's still a very good point.

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
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    That's awesome. Congratulation to make it happen and following it through.
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    I'm in if we are donating for a new cert. :) LMK!
    I missed the last one, I usually check the kirkify posts :p
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    For what it's worth, I would donate $20 or so if you need money help. This sounds good to me for young kids to learn something other than PC garbage they get at school. PM me if you want a donation.
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    Thanks guys. That's very generous.

    I'm not asking for donations. As much as possible, I plan on saving for this and using my hobby money. That is, if I even decide to go the route of being NRA Pistol Instructor Certified. At the moment, I don't have a clear and defined specific need for it as I did for Rifle Instructor. That need may or may not gel as this program with the Church moves forward. Time will tell. Beyond that, it is merely a "gee, that'd be kinda neat to have" cert.

    I like sharing with you guys such as that I'm excited to be offering this class to my Church and giving HPFF a hearty thank you for helping make that possible. As for the Pistol Instructor cert, very often bouncing ideas off of a group of trusted peers can help make decisions easier reached, or at least clarify motives, advantages, disadvantages, requirements, and hurdles. Thanks for that, as well. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Just have a good time and teach them kids something
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    Someone just suggested to me that a NRA Pistol Instructor is legally qualified in Ohio to teach Ohio CCW classes. I had, to this point, believed that an Ohio CCW class must also include a segment on Ohio law to be taught by a licensed Lawyer but a quick google does not support my belief. I may have to dig into the ORC.

    Being able to offer CCW courses to my Church would certainly make the cost of the Pistol Instructor worth it.

    Ah well, I'm getting ahead of myself. I still have the rifle course to teach. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
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    The NRA Certified Pistol Instructor can give CCW classes in several states.
    Here in Iowa they usually get $80 to $100 per person for the course. Their curriculum
    is based on the Iowa law as far as any legal stuff is concerned. They type up what they wish to teach and submit to local county Sheriff for approval. Then, good to go.

    My oldest son helps a couple of Rifle instructors in a very rural county south of here.
    They formed a rifle shooting class for kids about 8 years ago. Dale goes past a Walmart on the way to work early every morning. So, he went in early every morning and become one of those 22lr ammo whores. :D Does every Spring and Summer.
    Virtually all is donated to the young kids learning to shoot. Quite a few girls have been going lately also. Every thing is FREE for the kids!

    Good concept for rifle and pistol if you ask me.
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    Here in order to teach a CCW class you have to take the ND CCW instructor course taught by the BCI and Attorney General office. Then you can only charge $40 per person by law.
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    I have only had a chance to skim the ORC. I was busy teaching western martial arts. Last night I taught more tomahawk, focusing on Combat Throwing, which is very very different from competitive throwing, and then a segment on "Safe Falling" techniques. I'll go over the relevant ORC section (2923.125 G) during a "smoke break" today.

    I'm glad he's helping spread the safe shooting sports.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    That's insidious. :mad:

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Sure as Hell beats getting charged $100 or more for the same thing. The guys teaching the Utah CCW had a shocker when they include the ND with it and try to charge more. Now the Utah one is all but worthless to the ones that took it since MN accepts ND CCW