First time and the range and had a ton of missfeeds

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    I took my new hipoint c9 pistol and a 100 round whitebox of ammo and it seems on every last two rounds they would both try and load or one would get jammed in the by the chamber, I would have to stick a rod down in the barrell to push it out. Is this common for a new gun? If not this thing was definetly not worth the money.
  2. i believe theres a break in period for the hi points. also there are threads in here on the subject. ill see ig i can fid some and i will post the links up.

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    Yeah, shoot 150 more and you should be doing good. Or polish the slide.

    When I first got my C9 it mis-fed for the first 250 rounds or so. Since then I've had flawless operation. Last range session I literally put 100 rounds through my C9 without a problem.
  4. Yep, same as me. You need to make sure your wrists are not limp, polish the mag lips, and put another 150 rounds through it. She will be a dream.
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    also do not fully load the clip!
    if you continue having those issues ask someone at the range to shoot it for you.
    might be limpwristing or whatever they call that
  6. the only thing need to break in for HP is their mag. try only load 7rd for the 8rd mag, or 9rd for the 10rd mag. trust me on this, the spring of the mag always come too strong so load one or two bullets less for a while and you should be fine.
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    leave teh mag loaded when not in use to wear in the spring. also spread the feed lips on the top of the mag apart a bit...sometimes they hold too tightly.

    im not sure how anyone can b itch about "not worth the money".. we paid $130 freakin bucks for a 9mm pistol.. if it works half the time its still worth it.
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    Something odd I've found with my C-9 magazines is that it doesn't like to chamber the first round if its a hollowpoint. If there's six or less rounds in the magazine it'll chamber a hollowpoint just fine.
  9. I would fully load the mag and let it sit for a week or two, and then at the range only put 6 rds in the mag and see if it shoots better. If so, give it a little time like the others said, and it will hopefully smooth out.

    If not, let us know and we will go from there.
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    i know at first my c9 hated the white box winchesters. the first time i used them i had several ftf and fte. never had an issue with cci, wolf or any remington i tried except a few of the golden sabers. but now she will eat anything i feed her. do try to break in your mag as recommed above. i have three new mags that are going through their break in right now.
  11. Go to the Tech Tips section and look at the troubleshooting sticky - I had mis-feeds at first, and after reading that info, decided the problem was with the mag feed lips- after a little adjustment, all has been finen (250+ rounds, no mis-feeds)
  12. because you said NEW......... before doing anything I suggest doing this FIRST.

    - I bought a box of 100 rnd WWB a couple weeks ago and took my kid shooting. I took every pistol I own along. EVERY ONE jammed, FTF, to the point of actually stripping the case back on a few rounds. Not bragging, but my guns don't jam. I've had amazing luck with my guns, don't ask me why. But, when one did, I put it away then picked up another. Loaded it up, went to shoot - Jam. And then again.

    A couple of guys on the M&P thread had the same issue recently. So, I'm thinking bad batch of WWB. Makes no sense but I've heard enough smoke to think there's a fire somewhere.

    Go buy another brand and give it a go. Let us know how it goes.
  13. I too had this problem. I have run probably five hundred rounds thru my C9. With the last 250 rnds I have had no problems what so ever. First I oiled my feed ramp till it was practically dripping. Second, I leave all my mags completely full to break in the spring. Third, I use a very tight grip to prevent limp-wristing. I now trust my C9 with my life. It will eat anything. I can cycle a full mag of hollow points without a hitch.
    Moral of this story: Beware of limp-wristing, thats the number one problem. Let the gun break itself in, have patience. Break in the mags, adjust the fed lips if necessary, I didn't have to though.
    With everything these days, don't expect it to work perfectly straight out of the box without getting to know what the particulars of it are.
    I'm a newbie, never fired a handgun before this, but now my C9 will eat anything and I can get a 3 inch grouping while firing as fast as I can pull the trigger.
  14. BTW, I only use WWB's at the range due to low cost.
  15. Newskate9, you may be right. I started with WWB and had several FTF with each box. This last time out I shot Remington and Wolf; not one FTF! Of course the flash from the Wolf is about double in intensity than the other rounds. I did experiment by loading WWB, Rem., and Wolf randomly in four clips. I got a couple of FTF's but it was a WWB round that jammed.

    I bought 300 rounds of Wolf at the gun show. Looking forward to my next trip to the range.
  16. The thing that makes me think it is the mag is that the OP reported that only the last 2 rds of each mag full would malfunction. If it were limp wrist, or other causes such as ammo it seems that it would be spread out through the mag, not only the last 2 rds.
  17. I had to notch the plastic tip protruding from the front of my JCP 40's clip. It worked great.
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    Like someone else said I suspect a bad batch . I bought some wwb recently for the range. I loaded both my mags and only 7 would even fit in it. So I tried some other ammo and both mags would load 8. I did force my new mag to hold the 8th round so as to break in the new mag. I also took a rat tail file and cleaned up my other mag. I had to readjust the lips on the mag. In a few days I will clean up the new mag and try it. But to this day and over 3900 rounds I have had 1 ftf and it was due to me limp wristing it. Also with any other ammo both my mags will load 8 rounds. It fires all the other ammos with 0 fte,ftf. I bought another box of wwb and these load fine with 8 in each mag. So I don't know what the prob is.[/list]
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    ''First I oiled my feed ramp till it was practically dripping...'' is that safe? couldn't that change pressures in the chamber/barrel? don't cases need to ''stick'' temporally to the chamber wall?
  20. I've been using CCI Blazer Brass the last 1000 rounds or so with no issues. However, I have some PMC 380 ammo that my Bersa will not feed at all, jam every time, but my Hi-Point 380 eats it for lunch!! Most of my early problems were limp-wristing, but I cured that quick. :wink: