First time at range in almost a year. Very disappointed in myself

Discussion in 'Gun Reviews and Range Reports' started by Stromm, May 2, 2015.

  1. Only took my M&P40 and M&P22, both full size. Variety of ammo, no failures except my skills.

    I figured id give the Delaware Park range another go, even paid for the annual ODNR license. The range master is different from my last visit and i had to run over to Norton's to get a target stand.

    Maybe my poor results were due ti shooting "at the ground" and at near 35' cause "you have to place your targets at the back of the range, no short stopping".

    I was all over the place. Mostly to the left and low, but a lot all over the place and outside of eight inches from POA. Even with steady aim and arms resting in the bench.

    So, either its me or the Winchester Whitebox and thunderbolt ammo.

    Either way i had lots of fun putting 300 rounds downrange.
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    I've had terrible results from thunderbolt...
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    I've had good luck with thunderbolts. But thats with my 22 rifle and a scope at 25 yards.
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    Heckuva Rangemaster you have there, Stromm!
    SD range should be 21' or less, for practical and legal purposes.
    But it is easier to shoot close if you are used to shooting far, I guess.
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    If you ever wanna try Blackwing out, lemme know, I'll get ya in on my membership rate.

  7. Thanks. Ill keep you in mind.

    I used to frequent The Powder Room till they closed up. Only been to BWSS four or five times. For some reason, i just felt out of place there.
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    Shooting is a perishable skill set. Keep up the practice.
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    Doesn't matter about about brand, I have trouble with all... No reason to blame it on the gun/ammo when the problem is me, although I think I can safely blame part of it on 55 year old eyes and bifocals.
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    I've had days when I just shot awesome. I've had days when the nearest broad side of a barn laughed at me. Don't know if I could ever tell why whichever way it was, but I use both as an excuse for more range time. Now, you not shooting for over a year, that's a good reason. And a good excuse for more range time. ;-)
  11. I find the more dry practice I do (sight alignment, trigger control, pulling the trigger without ammunition) the better I get.

    If you do dry practice be very, very cautious with chamber checking and do not ever practice on a fixed target (picture on the wall or door knob). The target should get put up and put away after the dry practice session is over.
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    You could have a eye dominance issue. I forget what its called but basically your dominant eye switches to the other eye and messes up your shooting. Its rare but I've trained with a few guys that had the problem. One day they could drive tacks the next they couldn't hit the target. It really shows up with trap shooting. If I find the book about it I will pm you the info.