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Well I finally got to the range today after getting my 995 TS a couple weeks ago. I shot about 50 rounds just to start breaking it in a little. I gotta say, I really like how this gun shoots. The range I went to only goes up to 25 yards but it was very accurate, as far as iron sights go, I like the sights on this carbine, they lined up quickly for me. Recoil was almost non existent. I didn't have any malfunctions and I was using WWB ammo, which some people have said may cause problems.

One question I did have. I remember reading a thread where people have mentioned only inserting magazines when the bolt is closed to protect the firing pin. Because of this I assumed that the 995 TS would not have last round bolt hold open but mine did. So should I close the bolt, load the magazine and then charge it again?
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