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  1. Civil_Response

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    My name is Chris and I'm a firearms instructor in Minnesota, I mostly do permit to carry classes (or concealed carry classes depending on the state). :)

    I've own guns of some type or another most of my life, mostly a shotgun guy but love my handguns and rifles as well. My last interest brought me to Hi-Point, I wanted a fun, reliable, and accurate rifle but didn't really want to add another caliber to stock up on, enter the 995TS 9mm carbine.

    Very happy with this rifle choice so far and have already ordered a Fab Defense PTK angled foregrip for it, I'm hoping the storage compartment inside is large enough to hold the Hi-Point Tool.

    Anyway, that's what brought me here - I figured I better sign up if I was going to be reading as much info as I have been this week.

    Still searching for the best setup to co-witness a red dot with the factory irons.

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  2. Bull

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    Welcome from MO..... There's a few guys here who have done the co-witness thing, I'm sure you'll get a few options posted soon!

  3. Civil_Response

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    Thanks for the welcome, was just through your state a couple weeks ago on our way to/from Texas.
  4. Uff Da!

    Welcome, from a fellow Minnesotan. Always glad to see another happy Hi-Point customer. I bought a C9 in November, 2012 and love it! At that time, my only other firearm was a Mosin Nagant rifle with a broken sear spring. (Since replaced/fixed with a surplus part from Liberty Tree Collectors) I was looking for a new handgun and my only other option, price wise, was a Cobra FS380. I prefer 9mm Luger and couldn't be happier with the C9 - 392 rounds of fmj fired for 3 double-feed and 3 fail-to-feed minor malfunctions. Have done no tweaking or polishing, just spray clean with Rem Oil after each shooting session. Hi-Point makes a good product at an affordable price, along with an outstanding warranty. Happy shooting! :D
  5. Civil_Response

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    Thank you, glad you're enjoying yours as well!
  6. MachoMelvin

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    WELCOME from the home state of Hi Point!

    Let your ADDICTION begin?

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  7. Welcome from SE Ohio ! I used a BSA Red Dot I got from MOM that I ordered from the Hi-Point website co-witnessed on my 4595TS and it works with the stock sights very well !! (YMMV) !!
  8. SWAGA

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    Welcome will find a lot of knowledgeable people here and not only on HP :D
  9. Back2School

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    Welcome from Kansas!. I may not be knowledgeable but that doesn't stop me from having an opinion!

  10. planosteve

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    First welcome OP and enjoy this dysfunctional family, trust me there are way worse ones out there. As for Back2School aren't we all like that?:D
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    Welcome. That a nice photo of your 995TS resting on your black leather sofa. It looks like the photo could have been professionally done as an advertisement for Hi-Point Firearms.
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    I have enjoyed my Hi Points
    You will not be disappointed
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    Hi, I'm new too... I'm going to attempt to Hack up my 995ts in the next month. The price of these carbines is great! I'm currently aquiring parts. Hope to post in the Mod pics forum soon.

    FN Fs2000
    Sig P290 22 & 45 rails
    HP 995ts
    Dan Wesson 357
    Rossi 38
    Ruger 1022
    WASR10 AK47
    Berretta 25 auto
    Rem 870 slug
    Rem 1100
    Winchester Diamond Grade 12g
    Tec 22 scorpion
    A mad wife
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  14. Civil_Response

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    Thanks everyone, I appreciate the welcome!

    Photography is another hobby of mine, always looking for another perspective and different way of lighting things. :)
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    Welcome neighbor.