First Time I Fired My 995

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Jarhead1775, Jan 6, 2008.

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    I fired my 995 today for the first time. I am extremely ecstatic and impressed with this firearm. I shot 400 rounds without any problem (except bolt stuck back twice due to ATI stock). 50 of these rounds were Winchester 115 grain targets, the rest were all my own hand loads.

    My 995 was the topic of conversation at the range. When I first took it out, the old timer range officer said that it was a great investment and that it's accuracy is unparalled to other 9MM carbines.

    Sighting in at 15 yards was very easy, 3 shot group, center mass a little low. I moved the front sight down and fired 3 more shots on top of each other - I achieved point of aim, point of impact. Went to the 25 yards and there was no sight adjustment needed.

    I started to get cocky with the accuracy of this weapon and decided to show off a little because a shooter came in with a Kel-Tec carbine and was knocking my Hipoint. He kept telling me it looked like a Planet of the Apes gun, even with the ATI on it. So I went head to head with this guy - Kel-Tec vs. Hipoint. There was a 6x6 inch metal plate hanging from chains at 60 yards. He shot from a rested sitting position. I was standing offhand and used a hasty sling. He went 3 for 5, I went 15 for 15. Guess who was laughing then.

    The recoil on this weapon is nothing compared to the RRA, Uzi, or MP5. I don't know if it's because of the ATI stock or my handloads. For the price and the fun of this gun, I am totally satisfied. Thanks for all your posts in helping me decided to buy this carbine.
  2. Ha ha, that sounds awesome! Congrats on your new I REALLY need to get one!

    BTW, where are the pics?

  3. Yeah, Pretty Cool, right? I like the unique look of this little rifle and nobody has ever badmouthed mine; usually they tell me they want one too after they shoot it.

    Sometimes things are worth more than they cost. I really believe these carbines are sold for less than they could be, so I consider them a true bargain. As far as other 9mm or .40 cal brands looking down--ignore them. The extra magazine capacity is not going to matter with practice, and in reality, will probably never be missed.

    You've got a cool little rifle that you can afford to shoot. Enjoy it :!:
  4. Glad you were able to represent HP so well :). I'd stock up on many as I could if I had $$$... never know when they'll realize they can jack the price up $100 a pop and still sell 'em like candy.
  5. Sounds like you had a good time, here is a heads up before one of the mods gets you,

    Talking about specific powder weights and loads is a no no so you might want to pull that out of your post
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    Thank you Waltham for pointing that out. :shock:
  7. Jarhead, I am proud of you bro! Way to show that gun snob what's what!!!!!
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    Another 300 rounds thru my 995 with no malfunctions (Reloaded Ammo). The more I fire this - I like it that much more. This weapon is friggin awesome! Definately a satisfied customer. :D
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    This week there was no gun snobs at the range. Was too cold outside for them. They are not die hards. There was a shooter with a MP5 with an Eotech on it. That thing was accurate. Still prefer my 995. MP5 Clone = $1500.00. 995 = $189.99. All that extra money saved can buy me 43667 9mm bullet heads. Think about that one ($30.00 for 1000 125 grain lead heads). An after my 995 shot them all - Hi point will fix it if anything broke. How can you beat this....
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    Your math and reasoning skills are undeniable Jarhead.
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    Glad you enjoyed your 995 Jarhead! I havent got to take it to the range yet but have went through several boxes of Winchester in the back forty (back yard) and love it.
    Is this what they meant by the "Planet of the Apes Gun?:

    waltham41 I read the rules twice and never found anything about talking about reloading weights and loads as being off limits.
  12. Thats great man way to go.
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    I guess that is what the guy thought the 995 looked like. Mine is in an ATI stock. I think he was jealous that he couldn't shoot and he paid alot more money for his kel-tec.
  14. Glad you like it. Maybe I'll get one myself one day.
  15. Jarhead1775

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    200 more rounds (all reloads) thru the 995 with no problems. Once again the topic of conversation at the range. There were only three of us there and the other two guys were very impressed with the 995 after I let them shoot it. No one believes me that it cost under $200.00 new. On an other note it was darn cold today and snowing. I forgot the affects of cold weather on a shooter.
  16. LOL yeah get in and get some Irish Coffee!!!!!

    What are you using for your reloads???? Looking for a start recipie for my 995. If you could email or pm me the details that would be awesome
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    People are so quick to bash the Hi Points. Than they shoot them, and are impressed. Than they find out how much they cost, and they crap themselves.

    I like shooting around gun snobs, its nice to prove them wrong.
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    This is true. I was once one of those snobs until I came across this forum. I wanted a 9mm carbine so bad and was going to get a Vector Uzi or RRA 9mm. Then the reality set in and I said why am I going to spend so much money on a plinking weapon. I saw the gun test with the Ruger & Hi-point and was impressed. I am so pleased with my 995 and now I can allocate the other money I saved from not buying the others to getting another toy.
  19. not intending to hijack but supporting, I have had my 995 for a while now and every time I get to go to the range, its the weapon that gives me more fun, for the money invested.

    Last week I was making ragged holes at 50 yds (when I took my time to squeeze and so forth) and again, no issues whatsoever.

    It is still, my wife's favorite plinking weapon