First Time Out with Handbuilt C9 from HP

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  1. Happy weekend all!
    I just got back from my CCW class and had a great time! I took my C9 and Taurus PT99 with my for the range portion and holy cow can that C9 put the lead downrange! If you remember, this is the C9 that I had turned into junk thru my own stupidity. Well now that I recieved my handbuilt one back from Hi Point, I figured it was time to test it out before it re-assumed its role as the wifes home defender. At 25 feet, the paper was turned to confetti. All in the black and I'll pity the poor bastard who tries to kick in our door!
    The range was good. Props to The Shootist in Littleton for hosting our target session. I finally was able to see what this lil beauty can do with rapid fire. THAT WAS FUN!!! Very stable and never choked once.
    The Taurus did equally well. Rapid firing 17 rounds DR was a total rush.
    I'll get some pics taken and posted later on.
  2. Thats great man!!!! Glad to hear you got the C9 back and its running well. Congrats on the CCW as well..


  3. I'm glad you had good luck with your C9 pistol.

    Aren't all HPs built by hand?

  4. sounds like you had a great time - Wahoo for you!
  5. Yeah, I guess so...hmmm.....Aha! But mine was built by someone who took the time to eval the broken sidearm, gather the necessary parts (hand picked I'd like to believe), and build it, test it, and ship it specifically for ME!!! I even have the signed handwritten note from the guy! Right out of the box, all four mags were perfect, no palming of the slide needed, and with rapid fire, it ate ammo like a fat kid eats cake! (I oughta know!)
  6. Just regular Hi Point customer service Ernie. They treat us all like that, that is why we love their weapons so much
  7. Hi-Point customer service can't be beat dude. Glad they got it all worked out for you.
  8. I wish I had an autographed Hi-Point. ;)

    Anyone have any experience with the comp C9? I'm interested in one.