First Time Out With My 995

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  1. Got out today for the first time with my 995. What a blast to shoot. the funnest gun I have ever shot.
    I have a truglo red dot on it. It feels like I'm cheating when I use it. This is the first gun I have ever shot with a red dot. It is just way to easy, I love it!

    Siting in at 35 yards-30 rds

    Rapid Fire 25yrds-20rds
  2. JasonJ

    JasonJ Member

    very nice.

    im shooting my 995 with a BSA red-dot tomorrow.. too easy you say? exxxcellent.

  3. neothespian

    neothespian Member

    Better than I ever do :cry: VERY good job!!

    Then again, I've never shot with a scope. With my lousy marksmanship I probably should start
  4. I had similar results with my 995 the first time out. They are truly a great little carbines. :D
  5. Thanks guys. These are truly amazing carbines. THE best money I have ever spent as far as a firearm goes.
  6. Hey shadowlands, see how fun a red dot can be? ;)