First time out with my C9, boy am I a happy shooter!!

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  1. Got my C9 out of DROS jail today and headed right to the range. I loaded her up and racked a round. Right off the bat I had FTE problems with the 10 round magazine. I was nose down so I followed the advice given and opened up the lips just a tad. The gun fired the following 10 rounds without a hitch. I loaded a different 10 round magazine and had the same nose down problem. I adjusted the lip and again the gun fired all ten rounds flawlessly. I did not have any further FTE problems. However I did have five or six failure to loads when racking the initial round. I taped the magazines both downward and back but still had problems racking the first round. Once the initial round was loaded the gun fired flawlessly, I could not make it fail. All in all I put 150 rounds through the gun and the accuracy was dead on as far as I was concerned. Once I fix the problem with racking the first round I will be totally happy and satisfied!!

    I am a novice shooter, here is a target after shooting the initial 10 rounds though each magazine. This was at about 15 yards.

    Here is my new toy with the grips I did for her while she was in Jail.


  2. Polish the feed ramp and you may not have any more issues.

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    Congrats and nice shooting!
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    One reason you could be havin a jam when racking the slide but not when shooting is maybe you are "riding" the slide when you cock it? Just be sure when you rack it back to just let go when it gets all the way back instead of pulling back then pushing forward. When i was new to pistols i found out i was "riding" it and when i quit it helped SO much.
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    By the way, how did you make those grips?
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    Glad you are happy with your C9! I took both of mine out today, and had my brother shoot them...he usually snickers at my three Hi Point pistols. Today was the first time he ever shot a Hi Point, and he actually liked the trigger and sights...also thought it was an easy gun to shoot. Imagine that. :rolleyes:
  8. I wish more people would form their opinions thru experience and objectivity. Hi-Point makes a good product, I love my C9! :D
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    I'm glad you were happy with your c9 almost 4 years ago...

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    Looks like you're a pretty good shot.
  11. nothing like a little thread revival
  12. Thumbs up!

    Though might I suggest not putting any object in the trigger guard. Remember all guns are loaded, if they are not refer to all guns are loaded.

    A better way to take pics is a display stand. They are easy to make, take a peg board hook cut is down to just a couple inches, cover with tubing. Just insert it in the barrel and you can stand the gun up for pic taking.