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Ok first things first:

Clip is on the left, magazine is on the right. You'll catch heck on a lot of forums for confusing the two.

There are a few things that could cause jams:

1) Hi Points are blow back pistols, meaning they rely on the force of the recoil of the slide to eject the old round and load a new one. If the gun isn't held level, the slide can hang slightly on it's ride backwards causing a failure to eject. This prevents a new round for loading or a jam. You have to keep your wrist straight and locked while firing to avoid that so it's commonly called "limp wristing".

2) The magazines have a break in seperate from the gun itself. The springs are very tight after manufacturing so you need to fully load new ones and leave them sitting for atleast two weeks. If the magazine spring isn't broken in, that tightness can cause rounds not to load properly.

3) The magazine's lips (where the bullet loads into the gun) can be bent or out of shape. There are guides on here somewhere of how to fix that.

4) Lastly the feed ramp could have nicks or burs in it, causing the round to catch. That can be fixed by polishing with a dremel, also explained on this board somewhere.

Don't trust the gun snobs. 99% of them have never actually fired a Hi Point and are just trying to justify why their $3000.00 gun is so much better than yours.
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