First time out with the C9

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    It was a georgeous afternoon, so I thought I'd bug outa work a little early, and come home and try out my new C9. I picked it up at the gun show last weekend and this is the first chance I've had to try it out.

    I kept both the 8 and 10 round mags filled since I brought it home, to break them in. I shot about 50 rounds though it, and my son shot about 24 rounds, and she didnt jam or misfeed once. :D What a nice shooting little gun.

    We live on 10 acres, the backyard slopes up and makes a nice backstop, behind that are woods. I set the target about 10 yards out from the back porch. The first pic is of my shooting "station".


    Another view of the setup.


    This is after the first 50 rounds. The rounds in the center black rings was standing with a dual grip. The small dot in the upper right was 1st attempt at shooting using the railing as a rest. Dot in upper left was second attempt, lower left was third attempt, lower right was fourth attempt, each dot 5 rounds in the 8 round mag was used. Noticeable improvement each time. Just need more practice.

    This is my youngest son (13 yrs old), he was upset I got started without him. As soon as his mother brought him home from school he was on the back deck with me looking for the ear muffs and wanting a turn.

    Here's his target, he shot about 24 rounds, not too shabby. Zombies beware. :D

    We're gonna try and make it to the range tomorrow, and break in the little HP some more. :D
  2. Very nice! Sounds like a great day! Man 0 man I wish I could shoot in my backyard.... :|