First time out with the HP .40S&W

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    Hi everyone,

    Bought this HP .40 over 8 yrs ago and it's been sitting in a nightstand all these years. Took it to the range and fired over 200 rounds with NO issues! Ammo was just as old also! No oil or lubrication anywhere on the the gun also. Got home, cleaned and oiled it. Can't wait to see how it shoots next time out with it serviced properly. My wife also shot it but it's a little heavy for her of course. A 9mm was also to tough for her too, so we bought her a new Walther P22. It should be more suited to her hands as well as being a good choice for the CC class we will be taking shortly together.

    No complaints at all with my .40! I will definitely by another Hi Point very soon since we are getting into the gun hobby more and more.

  2. HiPoints don't need to be cleaned regularly. Mine runs better between 300 and 900 rounds with just an occasional wipe down. That is both pistol and carbines.

  3. Hello everyone.
    Well this past Saturday was first time out shooting the JCP40 S&W.
    The target was at the standard 7 yrds. This was first time shooting 40 S&W and I have to say, I liked it!:)
    The ammo used was 50 rds. of Federal Champion Aluminum Casing with only 1 Failure To Feed.
    The only problem that I am having is that the trigger is so hard.
    I have already done the Feed ramp polishing & the trigger mechanism but it is still hard, which is why I only shot 50 rds.

    Are there any mods out there that I could do to the JCP40 that would make the trigger smoother?
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    The joey trigger look in the accessories section. Or a guy on you tube called j dalton had a video on it.
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    This j Dalton guy is a "CLOWN"!

    He goes on to HP Face Book pages throwing all kinds of allegation's around, like he is some kind of expert & that Hi Point Mfg doesn't know what they are doing? I say HP is making over 100,000 guns a year & he is blowing smoke?
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    ...double post...
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    Ok just seen a vid you can watch it and decide if you want to do it or not. I really dont care one way or another
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    Good to hear. The JCP is one I don't have, but I will be taking care of that issue real soon. ;)
  9. I have and really appreciate the 9mm and .40 carbines. On both i had to use a dremel tool to clean off a "nub" at the bottom of the trigger. I have used the HP's for about 10 years and all I can say is you get used to them. I don't shoot them farther than 50 yards and can knock the 10 out of our targets with my hand loads and on board sights so that is good enough for me. If I need a gun with a gold trigger I wouldn't put it on my 189.00 truck and boat guns.