First Time Shooting My C9

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Reviews & Range Reports' started by PorkRind, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. PorkRind

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    Shot my C9 for the first time today. Actually the first time I've fired a pistol in about 16 years.

    I went through 50 rounds of Remington UMC 115gr and 21 rounds of S&B 115gr.

    General Gun Observations
    • Fits my hand well
    • Recoil is minor
    • Accurate out of the box
    • Slide lock/safety is a pain to operate left-handed
    • Trigger feel is a little sloppy and inconsistent
    • Magazines need some work

    I found the S&B ammo to be complete junk. I cycled all 50 rounds of the Remington through with no problem. I gave up on the S&B after 4 FTF's in 21 rounds. I think some of this may be a magazine issue, and the Remington's were just a bit more forgiving of the mag's shortcomings.

    Distance was about 12 yards. Of the 71 rounds fired I put 11 shots within a 3" group, 29 within a 6" group, and 54 when the grouping went out to 8" I put all but 2 rounds on the 12"x12" paper. I'd prefer not to talk about those 2 though. :cool:

    Overall it was better than one should expect from a $160 pistol, but about in-line with my expectations after reading several reviews and watching a bunch of video reviews.

    The fact that someone who hasn't shot a pistol in a decade and a half can put 97% of their shots in a torso-sized square at over 30 feet is a testament to the accuracy of these guns.

    I did the recommended process of storing the magazines full for 2 weeks to break in the spring, but I was still very dissatisfied with the feed issues with the S&B ammo. I actually would have put more rounds down range if the feed issues hadn't surfaced. I brought 50 rounds of the Remington and 100 of the S&B with me. I started on the S&B and switched to the Remington after two feed issues. I went through all 50 rounds of Remington before switching back to the S&B, having more feed issues, and calling it a day.

    I think my next step will be tearing down and lubing the magazines, as well as doing some polishing on the feed ramp and rounding some corners on the trigger and on the safety to smooth it up a bit.
  2. planosteve

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    Save the S&B, after a few hundred rounds it should work. My JHP will feed everything I've ran so far. That includes monarch, ppu, wwb, Remington (ball and saber hp), umc, and herters.

  3. Hipointer

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    Good luck with breaking your magazines down...still haven't figured that one out yet. I just use synthetic safe blast free, then spray them down with RemOil, then give them a blast with compressed air and wipe down.
  4. PapaMAS

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    Welcome back to the wonderful world of shooting! Sounds like you did very well after your extended stay away.

    I agree with planosteve, keep the S&B and shoot it later. It shoots very well through all my 9's. Maybe after your gun loosens up and you work on those mags they'll work for you, too.

    Be careful how you try to take the mags apart. I saw one youtube video where the dude was using a sharp knife in an unsafe manner. I figure any method which risks stabbing your hand or slicing your wrist if you slip is probably not the right thing to do.

    But I'm funny that way.