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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by jamespierce1031, Jul 22, 2014.

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    Shot my 40 jcp for the first time this weekend and it went great. I had watched a lot of YouTube videos and read a lot of reviews on the gun before i bought it much like i do with anything else and i saw that some guys had a hard time getting it to feed correctly straight out of the box and let me tell you i ran 50 rounds split into six mags with the last two holding only five (so i could share the fun with my little brother) and i was thoroughly impressed. Not only did it feed great on all three of the brand new magazines i bought but the action of the handgun wad rather fast. I had my first child born last month and wanted to get a pistol i can keep with my girlfriend so i didst want to spend too much seeing that i had ton of diapers to stockpile. So i did my research took the bad trashtalk along with all the wonder things i heard read and saw from people not too brain dead to try out a pistol before jumping on the hate bandwagon and i am glad i bought this gun.
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    Welcome to HPFF! Now all you need is a matching 4095ts. Talk about fun!!

  3. X2 The Carbine is must! I am so glad I picked up mine it is blast to shoot.
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    I bought mine about 18 months ago for my oldest grandson to shoot. Gotta say it ate everything right out of the box we fed it with 0 problems. Win, Rem, FMJ, JHP. And it was accurate also. Had 3 HP mags and they all fed flawlessly. After putting thru about 500 rds he decided he liked the revolvers better so I sold it (for more than I paid for it).
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    Congrats on the new baby and the new gun! Forget what the snobs say, and enjoy the JCP. The best thing about Hi-Points, is that nearly anyone can afford one. If it came down to buying diapers or spending $500 on a pistol, many of us have been in the position where only the diapers would be in the budget.
  6. Moestooge

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    This is something the snobs overlook. Not everyone has enough money to buy a Sig or another higher-end pistol. Hi-Point provides the average Joe with dependable firearms they can afford.
  7. Bull

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    And you can shoot the guts outta em, and Mom will make it brand new for you..... How can you beat that?
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    The snobs usually try to talk folks into a used glock rather than a new Hi Point.
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    Congrats - I purchased one online yesterday. In less than a week, I should have it at the range.

    I called a local shop and they said they had one in stock. They wanted $215, plus tax, and background check (of course) which would have been $240 total

    I got my shipped from Cheaper than dirt for $127, $15 background check, Tax and $20 transfer fee grand total $177 -

    Normally I try to by local, but saving $63 tip the scales. I had the gun shipped to a different shop. I'd rather him have my $20.