First time to the range in months

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    No pics, sorry.
    First up, Cobra 32 with Magtech FMJ. Only shot about 20 rnds, had 2 misfires. Hit the target! Did ok, no other issues.
    Next up, Hi-Point JCP .40. Went through a box of Federal Aluminum, 1 FTE, but over all they were fine. Groups were good, but those sites have got to go. I've got the rear site bottomed out and I still tend to shoot low. I guess I could file some more off the bottom of the site and try to get more travel, but I think I'll get the Mahan sites sometime in the future. I also shot a box of Federal FMJ brass. Any problems I had, FTE, FTF, I blame on operator issues. I like that gun!:p
    And lastly, the BG .380. First time out with it. Hate it. The trigger pull is just way too long. I did ok with open sites, but I couldn't even use the laser. By the time I fire, I'm shaking so bad the laser is just wild. I should have started out with that gun, maybe it would have been better. I shot a box of Tula. Stuff is junk. I stopped counting the misfires. They went off on the second pull, but still. But I am looking to sell or trade it. I'm going to give my local guy a call and see if he wants to trade for something. I got a fair deal on it, and I've added a Desantis holster to it, so I don't think I'll get hurt too bad.
    Wish I could shoot more, but I can't remember going through money that fast other than going to a titty bar. that's it for a few months.
  2. thats a sad story. The trigger on the BG defintely takes some training. which is why i love the laser. i can see when im shaking, slow down and smooth out my pull.

    The trick is time and practice. if you cant get both it wont happen for you.

    but in a pinch im sure it would work. we are talking about a belly gun.

    2" barrel 5" OAL.

    Problems wth Tula have been reported, but i have never had an issue.
    Its most likely because they have harder primers.

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    Is that the S&W .380 Bodyguard you just bought from arms list?
    Do some dedicated training just with that gun.
    Indoor range, start at 6 feet then 10,12,15,20 and even 30 feet.
    Bring some different boxes of ammo.
    I like Tula in my .45 but never used it in .380
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    Yup, that's the one. I was talking to my FFL guy, and he said the LC9 from Ruger started going to that long trigger pull, and got slammed for it, and now they are going back. The BG is a nice gun, just not my cup of tea. I can't afford to train like I should or need to, so I need a gun I'm comfortable with out of the box. The FFL guy won't give me crap for it, so I'll try to sell it.
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    I'd still say to sell the Cobra, get some extra ammo and shoot the BG.....
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    The cobra isn't going to get me much. Not enough to make a difference. It's in my recliner cushion, been there a while, I like it there. I paid $300 for the BG, with box and papers, soft case, and a holster. That holster is great for my Cobra, so I'm keeping that, but this Desnatis Softuk is going with the BG. Interested? I've also ordered a wrench for the laser, that will go with the gun too.
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    I still have a gun in layaway purgatory so I'll have to decline.
    If you don't like it you don't like it but what I think got you messed up a little is shooting it at the end instead of starting with it.
    I've done the same with my M57, sold it and now I regret it.
  8. The trigger is long am heavy for a reason. Now you know you don't like DAO hammer fired guns.

    Better luck next time.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but on the JCP, you need to raise the rear sight to elevate point of impact..
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    Yea, that would have made a difference, I'm sure.

    Yup, that's a fact.

    I think you're right, but I do get confused easy enough. I think I did bring it up a little and shot dead center. I tended to be dead on the first round, and then went low on one group, to the left on another group. But all in all, that JCP is my favorite. Wish I could carry it! I could walk around with a back pack I guess!
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    Have you tried an XDs out before? I like my 9mm, you might too.
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    No, I haven't. I'll probably hold onto this BG for a while, I can't upgrade for a while, probably after the hollerdays.
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    Now that I've relaxed for a while, I can dry fire with the laser held on a 1" target at 10', so I should have shot it first.
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    Its like a Kel Tec. My wife had issues with the P11 and after to many rounds she could not pull it back. I got her a set of finger exercisers and she used them at work to kill time now she can shoot it all day.
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    Ahh, would you not have better luck with that .40, by raising the rear sight? If it is shooting low, you want to raise the rear sight. :confused:
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    Yeah, what gbeecher said.
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    I think I got that, I was just confused.
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    the long trigger pulls can take a while to get used to for sure. My Kahr 45 has a long pull, but at 5 1/2 lbs. It's not a problem and it is so smooth with a crisp break. It's very nice. but Haven't seen Kahr's in .380. I know they make a 9 though. Practice Practice Practice