First Time with my new 995

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  1. Hey guys let me begin with my impression of my recently purchased 995. Out of the box, it felt sturdy. Nothing was loose. Everything was solid. I like the weight of it and it's appearance actually was somewhat appealing. Not the best but better then just "ok".

    So today I hit the outdoor range with my 995 on hand and several boxes of WWB. There's still snow on the ground but the suns out, not too cold but brisk. Perfect day to shoot. I went through 200 rounds of ammo with only one FtF. I ejected the round, saw the pin did strike, but no bang. I just shoved it in the ground and continued my barrage of bullets downrange.

    I've got to say that I got some good shots through my Shoot'n'See's but man, my sights are off. Even the stock sight's off, I recall moving it alittle when I installed the compensator. I'll scan my targets later and put them up but for 200 rounds downrange, it was kinda bad. Toward the end, I got the hang of it but next time I'm gonna devote my time to fixing this. Luckily i had my ex-gf there and she was callin out "too high/low" lol.

    Besides this, I'm very happy with my 995. The other 2 guys there, shooting 1911's and glocks, came over and asked to shoot a couple. They were really impressed, they'd heard bad things about HP. One of them went on to say he owns a cx4, and if he'd known the 995 wasn't what he thought it was, he wouldn't have spent double for his cx4. Overall, good time especially once I got the hang of it.

    Now, any tips on cleaning this thing? lol
  2. Leave the bolt forward, and run a patch down the barrel using your favorite cleaner.

    then open the bolt and lock it to the rear using the safety and using your finger with a cloth with something like wd40 on it, reach in and swab around and clean in the breech area.

    that is pretty well it.

    The reason I leave the bolt forward when I swab the barrel is because if you lock it back, the firing pin is sticking out and you can hit and bend it with your bore brush if not careful