first trip out with my new c9!

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Reviews & Range Reports' started by xtrakrisb805, Feb 10, 2015.

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    Got off from work early today around 3 and headed to my local range.brought 300 rounds of wwb 115 gr. Fmj and my c9. Put 285 through it with only one failure to go into battery about 5 magazines in. C9 worked awesome straight outta the box. At 7 yards shot 4-5inch groups.and at 20 yards could shoot 9 outta 10 center mass.I love my new gun and am hooked on HPs for life now!:D im already planning to paint my grips and install the ghost ring sight....and when I do save up enough, buy a 995ts carbine! Cant wait- happy shooting!
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    Good stuff!
    Welcome to the forum.
    Lot of knowledge here, not just on guns either....:D

  3. xtrakrisb805

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    Hah.I know...there's a lot of very intelligent peeps on this forum. And thats what I like about HPFF. Its good to know that if I have a question, I can get a legitimate answer...
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    Glad to hear you had a great first outing with your new C9!
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    Welcome! Thanks for the range report - glad to know you had a good time. Next time, take some photos of the targets, and our resident wiseacres are always happy to critique your technique! ;o)
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    Cool! Happy shooting!
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    Hey as long as it shoots minute of zombie you are good to go. Welcome and enjoy the asylum.
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    range day yet again..

    Got out to a different range yesterday and shot another 200 rounds threw my c9 (WWB 115 Fmj) and it shot well. Got my sights set up for typical self defense range, about 10yrds. Once i sighted it ,noticed that they weren't all going where I wanted them too so a good bore cleaning is in order. Gotta wait till payday so I can buy a decent cleaning kit...I shouldn't of spent all my money on ammo :( but well worth the range time..-happy shooting
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    Welcome to the world of Hi-Points. It's a great place to be.
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    COOL! Glad your C9 ran like a champ! I love my Hi Points.
  11. congrats welcome to the world of cheap and fun shooting
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    Update!!!!! I now have around 1100 rounds through my c9. After a good bore cleaning I took it to my range and put another 300 wwb 115 grain fmj down range with no problems. A couple hundred more and its time for a full cleaning. I just ordered 2 new mags. and carbon fiber hydro-dipped grips from I cant wait!!!! I love my HiPoint