first trip to range with new .45

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  1. first fifty shells were flawless!!! the second box i had problems. it seems that this gun doesn't like fiochi (sp?) ( off brand ammo). every third round stove piped until i remembered a thread i read the other day. i bent the mag. ears in slightly and tightened my grip. worked like a champ!!!! from then on the gun functioned flawlessly. i am happy with this jhp! on an off note there was a dude there with a .500 magnum revolver. what a cannon!!!!!!!!!!!!! when he pulled the trigger everyone knew it......
  2. Congrats on the JHP.45!

    Some mags to require a bit of tweaking, glad you remembered that and your JHP is running like a champ now.

  3. update!!! second trip to the range with the .45 jhp. i put over 100 rounds thru it with no, i repeat NO, problems. no jams, burps, hesitations...etc.
    NOTHING!!! the gun functioned flawlessly. there was a guy there shooting his walther and his 1911...asked me what i had. when i said "hi point ', i thought i was going to get attitude. Nope! he told me he had the 9mm carbine and loved it. yep, my jhp worked like a champ!

    edit...i bought the 100 round box of winchester 230 gr. FMJ at walmart
    for 29.00. i thought it was a good deal!
  4. Good Choice! I figured I could shoot quite a few rounds before I spend the price for a Kimber in ammo. :D
  5. Me and my JHP .45.... good times, good times. I know you'll love it for some time to come.