Fishing guide kills grizzly bear as it charges to within feet of his clients

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    Fishing guide kills grizzly bear as it charges to within feet of his clients

    A guide leading a fishing expedition into the Alaskan wilderness recently used a 9-millimeter pistol to kill a large male grizzly bear that had charged to within just a few feet of his two clients.

    The harrowing encounter occurred in the remote Becharof Wilderness, within Becharof National Wildlife Refuge, as Phil Shoemaker was leading a man and his wife through dense brush to a nearby stream.

    Shoemaker wrote about the incident last week in the NRA’s American Hunter, and included photos showing the bear carcass and one of his clients. (Warning: some might find the photos to be disturbing.)

    Shoemaker explained that in his 33 years as an outfitter based in the refuge, this was the first time he was compelled “to shoot an unwounded bear to protect ether myself or clients.”

    He described his clients merely as “Larry and his wife.”

    They were hiking to a stream popular among male grizzly bears, which typically are “less of a problem than sows with cubs.”

    But something had clearly angered this male grizzly.

    Shoemaker writes:

    “Before we reached the stream, while we were walking through dense brush and tall grass, we heard a growl and deep ‘woof’ of a bear approximately 6 feet to our right.

    “We had been talking loudly but must have startled a sleeping bear. It sounded like it made a movement toward us, and I shouted loudly and the bear ran back through the brush…. Within 15 seconds, we could hear it growling and charging through the dense brush from the opposite side.”

    Shoemaker, who had drawn his pistol by this time, explained that the “highly agitated” bear charged Larry and his wife, who fell backwards into the brush as he took aim and began to fire.

    “She said the bear’s face was close enough to hers that it could have bitten her,” Shoemaker writes, in reference to Larry’s wife.

    It’s difficult to stop a charging bear with a 9-millimeter pistol, but Shoemaker aimed for vital areas – the first shot was to the neck – and struck the animal with seven shots, the last as the bear had turned to try to run off.

    Shoemaker could not be reached for comment but Dom Watts, a spokesman for Becharof National Wildlife Refuge, told GrindTV that he was aware of the incident, after which Shoemaker was compelled to follow a specific protocol.

    According to state regulations, anyone killing a bear in self defense must notify the Alaska Department of Fish and Game “immediately.”

    That person must also surrender the bear’s head, hide and claws to the agency, as soon as possible.

    Lastly, the shooter must fill out and submit a Defense of Life or Property (DLP) form within 15 days of the incident.

    In other words, Shoemaker had his work cut out for the next several hours.

    Becharof, a fairly obscure refuge in southwest Alaska, is comprised of nearly 1.2 million acres and is adjacent to Katmai National Park.
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    Getting shot in the @ss with Buffalo Bore ain't no joke..:D

    The letter he wrote to Buffalo Bore:
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    Anyone have the energy levels of those rounds out of 16"?
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    Here are some specs on this load. It doesn't have barrel lengths, but does have starting fps. Gore warning. Don't look if blood bothers you.

    I bought a couple of boxes of these for home defense, for, you know, if a gang of marauding bears comes into my neighborhood... <humor alert>
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    Swagzy beat you to it there alphabet...:p

    (Yes I know it's Jed, but I'm on a roll today, so pay me no mind.)
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    Wow. IT's kind of nice to know. My wife and her BFF were up in the Creede, Colorado area and were surprised by a bear. Fortunately he was just as surprised as they were an warped out in the opposite direction and they didn't have to put a Hi-Point vs a bear to the test.
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    I read this when it first came out in the NRA publication. Remind me to never hire this guy if I go fishing where there are grizzly bears. A 9mm? Get real! What was he thinking! He is lucky he did not have a client maimed or killed.
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    NE Utah
    He was probably thinking, "ah, I've been doing this for 25 years and never had any trouble, the bears up there aren't bad, they'll just run off if we make enough noise, so why pack the big heavy gun today."


    Familiarity breeds contempt. Noobs get hurt by doing stupid things....old timers usually get hurt by NOT doing smart things, even though they know better.
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    That's 100% correct..... Complacency is the biggest killer in my line of work.
  10. A guy that recently retired from the company I am with, has been in Alaska all summer. He has been on several salmon fishing trips with the same guide. He said there were often bears fishing for the same salmon. The guide had a bear issue the day after one of his trips, but took care of it. :eek:

    Looks like a different bear, but very similar story. My buddy has a claw. Must be a Trump claw, it looks HUUUUUUGE!

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    That friggen bear is HUUUUUGE.

    Recent trip to the Shenandoah's we were comparing the Blacks to my 94 lb Lab.
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    Thanks you sir.

    Does anybody have the calculator/better "brain power" than this old dawg to figure this out. I am truly interested in what the energy levels would be at 25 yrds and less. Looks like it should be north of 600ft/lbs and that is impressive to me. I can see some very specific uses for that load out of a carbine.
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    I hunted Black bear in Rockingham County, Virginia in the middle 1980's. I carried a M1A/7.62 x51mm.

  14. Dad_Roman

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    I would think that would sure do it:D

    Specially for a black in the 100 lb range.
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    Here's the thing, who cares what side arm you bring? If I'm expecting to see bears, I'm bringing a 12 GA with 000 magnum buck and mag slugs. And, just for the hell of it, carrying a hi-cap 9mm as a backup, just in case I run out of ammo in the 12 GA. Now, I understand that he wasn't expecting to see bears, but I think he got damn lucky. Even after he shot him 5-6 times, he's lucky the bear didn't decide to come rip his face off before he died! I'm not trusting a handgun 100% to stop a bear, kill, yes, but stop? .44 mag at the least..............
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    I'm comfortable carrying a G20 with full power loads will stop a bear.
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    NE Utah
    Daniel Boone did it with a knife.:cool:

    I don't see the problem, ya buncha wimps.:D

    Of course...Daniel Boone never saw a grizzly, either.:p
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    "Daniel Boone was a man. Yes a big man.
    With an eye like an eagle and as tall as a mountain was he.
    Daniel Boone was a man. Yes a big man.
    He was brave, he was fearless and as tough as a mighty oak tree.

    From the coonskin cap on the top of ol Dan to the heel of his rawhide shoe
    The rippin'est roarin'est fightin'est man the frontier ever knew.

    Daniel Boone was a man. Yes a big man.
    And he fought for America to make all Americans free.
    Daniel Boone"
    ;) Loved that show.
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    I'm guessing this guy has done this a LOT, it takes forethought to seek out and purchase this exact ammo, which is near the top of the food chain in 9mm. He might always rely on the 9mm, which is foolhardy at best:(

    "In Theory" or in practice? Or do they have some little Boo-Boo Bears in your neck of the woods? :rofl:

    Sonny-Boy originally purchased my G20 with that in mind, entry level bear gun. With specialty loads and good shot placement it should be even more than "entry level" like an Underwood Xtreme Penetrator :cool:

    Once again, the Underwood Ammo dominates Buff Boring in Ballistics AND Price! Box of 50 Underwood for $30.85 vs. 20 BB for $27.36 and you get an FMJ vs. hard cast lead for $3.49 more :rolleyes: BB is strictly GOUGING!:mad:
    Sucker born every minute:rolleyes:

    LOTS CHEAPER 62¢/rd vs. $1.37/rd :eek: