Fishing Passion #4, "Shanghaied on the Big Tee"

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    So after being temporarily banished from the upstanding fishing village of Marshalburg, I was introduced to the captain of the “best damned bottom boat on the docks” in Morehead City. He needed some electrical work done on his boat and would be putting in a trip after the work was done. We talked a bit and got through the “Where’er you frums?”, “How’d ya git here’s”, and “What kind of boats have ya worked on’s”, and it was generally agreed that I seemed capable of doing the work needed to get Capt G back on the water. Although we did speak about pay when we left I really wasn’t quite sure we had nailed down a wage or payment? We jumped in the “beat up Benz” and I asked WW did he understand what I was gonna be paid for my work? “Oh, don’t worry. Capt G will treat ya right.”….mmmmm, says I.
    Arrived the next morning with some tools and started work on the “Big Tee” and by golly wouldn’t ya know it pretty soon I had a slow parade of them fellas in dirty white boots comin to see me and say “Hello.”
    Well, from my last experience I figured I should “plot a new course” on my story over here in Morehead and using my best “Yankee tryin Southern accent” I told each new arrival a different story. My memory fails me at this time of the small details of each story but let’s just say they ranged from, “recently paroled, my boat sunk, and something to do with being wanted for some heinous crime in ‘East Bumfook’.” This seemed to keep the whole group tied up all day as they argued about what each fella had been told and as the sun got higher and a pile of empty cans appeared at their feet they sorta all slowly disappeared.
    As the day was finishing up Capt G shows up and inspects my work and tells me “Good Job”, and I sorta stand around waiting for some discussion majically happen about pay and I finally broach the matter and was told he “Don’t pay until the job is complete”. Fine and dandy but I don’t have much in my pocket and ask G if he can tote me back across the bridge or my choices will be a cab or a hour and a half walk. He agrees and *****es me out for not letting him know I needed a ride to work also and agrees to pick me up in the morning next day. Cool.
    We get through the next few days and it seems that because no one on the docks has been told the same story and most of the stories were a bit nefarious I MUST be a good guy and I now have company all day, each day that I worked on the Big Tee.
    Carolina Grouper/Snapper/Bottom Boat explained;
    Electric reels are used. Called “Bandits”;

    In its simplest explanation, you have a heavy weight, you use different size hooks for different targeted species, and the leader length changes in relation to the hook size and species targeted. You, “Hit the damned button”, when you feel fish biting, and up they come. Let me tell you it is an art to get really good at catchin fish with one of these. I had never until my first trip on the Big Tee. You fish on a spot that the boat is anchored over. A VERY special skill of the Captain to get that boat to be right where it needs to be to catch fish. 20 or 30 feet in the wrong direction and you will not be catching. It is that simple. He must gage wind, current and water depth to get that boat to be right over, “the spot”. You catch fish, (hopefully), until the basket next to you is filled, (hopefully), and then we all stop, clean our catch, get it in the fish box and iced properly, and try and fill that basket again.
    After 3 days of working on the “Tee” at the docks, I was done. Captain G inspects my work and then we stand around again, talkin about tides weather and fish and I finally broach getting paid. Weeeelll, Captain G says he won’t have any cash money until he makes a trip. “I have an opening on the boat…You interested/”. Well I was interested in getting paid for my work so I guess it was in my best interest to go out on a trip so I could “follow the money”.
    “Sure” says I. Captain G tells me be here @ 4am and we’ll be leaving.

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    Finish the story, don't leave me hanging

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    He fell over board, swam to the shack, commandeered a boat, shanghaid a crew, and became the worst pirate you've ever heard of.