Fishing Passion Tied ; Part 1

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    My love for fishing is on the same level as hunting/shooting and just "fondling" my firearms!:eek:
    I grew up on a coastal New England town working on lobster boats in the summer for $$, netting shad, and going everywhere, all the time with a rod in hand. I was what was called in that area, a "swamp Yankee".
    As I got older I became a much invited guest on others boats due to my "knowledge: of where to fish, (in the water), and being able to fix what's broke with what you have. On a boat that is ACE hardware out there.
    I mated charter boats and provided "tutorials" to many folks I worked with who had boats, but needed help in the catchin department. I worked for 8 yrs with a company that had a ratio of 4:1 in the engineers to floor techs. That makes for a lot of young single guys w/ dollars to spend on toys(boats).
    The tuna grounds were typically 40-60 miles off and I got a lot of free trips back then tryin to show the "most brilliant", (just ask them:rolleyes:), guys how to fish. Most, because of their "brilliance, all ready knew what they were doing and didn't listen anyhow.
    Got divorced in my early 30's and decided to make my passion my living. Which I will say from my experience is not something I would do again.
    Went halves on a 32' long line sword and tuna boat, we also rod and reeled for "giants", (wicked tuna)and quit my day job.....STUPID<STUPID... Sold my house and everything in it, shoved what's left into the parents basement and grabbed my Trident and off I went. Divorce can lead to some poor decisions in my case.
    Fished from the Hague Line on the northern border of the east coast all the way down to the Carolinas. Typically out for 7 days, anywhere out to 120 miles offshore. The ocean is magnificent way out there, night time, motors off....just drifting looking at all the stars in the world. Never needed a therapist and still don't. I can solve what I need to sitting in the woods hunting all be myself or fishing. The ocean is also a scary and humbling place when "the elephants are marching". Being in a trough and looking up and seeing gray water on all sides and then reaching the top of one of those walls and seeing nothing but the same on all horizons is......scary. They say there are no Atheists in foxholes? Well there ain't any either in a small boat in 30+ footers I can tell you. Played around doing that for a couple of years and my partner was found to be less than honest and screwed up everything to do with the "books", money and records and the bank repo'd our boat down in NC and took everything but my seabag, a bike and some miscellaneous change I had in my pocket. There I was, sitting on the dock in NC with all my worldly possessions.
    I love fishing!
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    Great post...good start to the story. I look forward to the next installment.

    Spent 5 years in NC....

    .....there are worse places to be stuck:D

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    Great tale, Beagle! More Please :D