Fishing with a hand grenade.....

Discussion in 'HPFF Comedy' started by Hermitt, Jun 11, 2014.

  1. Hermitt

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    Fishing with a hand grenade.

    1. Pull the pin.

    2. Throw it far from the boat.

    3. Net the stunned and dead fish.

    Click on the photo.

    I could watch it for hours....


    These guys forgot step 2.
  2. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    not truly ''fishing with'', but, i have an uncle who runs a shark fishing charter boat out of New Jersey, who actually uses explosives to draw sharks into the area. nothing ridiculously high powered, but, a fairly decent boom. apparently the vibration is sends out, also helps stimulate the sharks into a feeding frenzy and lures them towards the sound, where they then find the chum slick and become even more aggressive.

    that being said, that sh!ts funny!!

  3. Bull

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    I've seen that! If they aren't dead, that's hilarious.... If they are, only slightly less so.
  4. panoz77

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    I have read several places that one of those guys in the video did die.

    On another note, I did hear stories about my buddies Italian father using dynamite like that back in the day in Italy.
  5. bws

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    It's shining examples like this that prove Darwin might have been on to something.
  6. panoz77

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  7. bscar

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    Buddy of mine talked about how he used M80s a few times. The bubbles coming off the fuse of the m80 attracted fish, which then got knocked out from the concussion wave of the blast
  8. MachoMelvin

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    We used M-80's to fish, back in the 60's as kids. You can't buy real M-80's anymore?
  9. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Not since 1966, congress saved the children by banning them. So no, none are real. But the brand name is used, on firecrackers with the legal amount of flash powder.

    Same with cherry bombs.

  10. Don't do that in the wash pool of a dam. I'll only say that was before the DHS.... *turns and walks slowly away*
  11. bluebone

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    i'm sure nobody here's ever fished with a telephone magneto:


  12. Does the magneto out of an old IH tractor count?
  13. bluebone

    bluebone Duke of Sarcasm Member

    i would think anything that tasers fish counts.
  14. ajole

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    NE Utah
    My grandpa would use a car battery hooked to two rods sunk into his yard about 20 feet apart to get worms for fishing. Does that count?:p
  15. I haven't done that since my days in the Mekong Delta..... :D
  16. undeRGRound

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    Not personally, but I know of sparkies that have ;)

    YES, and I was all set to argue that it does :D

    My sentiments exactly!

    Not the same trick, but definitely out of the same book!

    My admiration, either way!
    Dynamite OR "electrolysis" :D :cool:
  17. Know what else works to get worms without digging? Take Black Walnut shells and soak them in water for a couple days, then sprinkle the water. Worms don't like that. It makes them real lively for awhile. :)
  18. I think this thread needs to be moved to the 'Survival' section of the forum.
  19. bluebone

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    i know a guy who still does that to get worms. he says you have to use them quickly as they dont tend to live overnite.