Five Handguns I Wish I Still Owned
by Greg Ritchie

Charter Arms Undercover, 38 Special
Not much to be said of this one I guess, it is a very well known revolver. It's a 5 shot stainless steel revolver with a plastic frame and oversized rubber grips. It had a decent double action trigger and an exceptional, almost too light, single action pull. The revolver proved to be accurate as well. I shot this one quite a bit, expecting it to shoot loose because I always heard that it was intended to be carried a lot and shot a little. It never did shoot loose. It did however start having light strikes. This on my reloads that were assembled with imported primers that are associated with a certain steel cased ammunition. A call to Charter Arms customer service netted me a couple of extra mainsprings. They arrived within the week free of charge. I never did know if it was hard primers or weak mainsprings because I ran out of the primers! But the revolver never had a light strike afterwards. Today the handgun protects my daughter and granddaughters. I am pretty sure I will never get it back!

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Rock Island Armory GI Standard FS 1911 FS, 45acp
This was my first personal 1911 and a good one it was. It just worked, clean, dirty, FMJ ball, cast round nose, or my cast TC, it just worked. Maybe not match grade accuracy but tons of practical accuracy. The older I got, the more I needed to replace the GI style sights. I did replace the somewhat bulky factory grips with a set of GI looking checkered wood grips. I reluctantly traded it to the LGS on an upgraded stainless steel 1911.

Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel Revolver

SCCY CPX2, 9mm Luger
The SCCY CPX2 is my idea of a perfect handgun for social work. It is point and shoot simple. With its double action only trigger it is as safe as any double action revolver. And did I say it was point and shoot simple? Mine was plenty accurate giving me palm sized 10 shot groups centered but a couple of inches high at 10 yards. SCCY customer service is among the best too. Three times I used them, twice because I wanted spare parts such as a flat slide catch rather than the raised slide catch that came on my pistol, and a spare spring. The parts were sent without question or cost despite the fact that there was nothing wrong with the pistol and it worked as intended. The third time it actually went back to the mothership to be repaired, it was back home to me in less than a week! The SCCY was traded along with the RIA 1911 to secure the stainless 1911.

Trigger Air gun Gun barrel Gun accessory Metal

Taurus PT809, 9mm Luger
I bought this on a whim. I wanted a higher capacity 9mm handgun to compete in some informal 3 gun competition. The 17 plus 1 PT809 fit the bill. I was having fun, and making a pretty good showing with this $300 dollar pistol! The PT809 is a DA/SA handgun with a twist. Push the safety lever down and it was your typical DA/SA, push the safety lever up and it could be carried cocked and locked like my beloved 1911! The single action pull was smooth and heavy, but I hardly ever carried it that way. The single action pull, after a bit of takeup was crisp with a very short takeup. This handgun was traded as a down payment on a Ruger American pistol.

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Wood stain

New England Firearms R92, 22 Long Rifle
This 9 shot 22 revolver was one of my all time favorites. Mine was the fixed sight 3" barrelled version. This revolver was an almost constant companion from the day I bought it until the day I traded it in on a Ruger SP101. Carried in an inexpensive nylon holster. This is the most missed of my revolvers and i regretted trading it immediately, to the point that I went back to the LGS the next day to get it back. Unfortunately it was already gone. I think I regret this trade more than any I have ever made, not because thevSP101 is not any good, I like it plenty. But because the R92 was a very good and practical kit gun.

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