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Fix for a nose up FTF

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As per another post, I have been having a problem with a nose up failure to feed. I finally phoned home and here is what Beemiller tech dept. told me to do.

Bend the front ears on my magazines in just a little bit to where it was tight enough that it took some pressure to get the shell through. I didn't think that this could be the problem :cantlook: as I had the same problem on my 8 and 10 round mags. BUT, I did what they said and got the 8 rounder right the first time. :D The 10 rounder was a little to tight and after some more adjustment the shells just coming flying out of my C9. :yes:

If you ever run into that problem, that is one cause that can be easily repaired. :yay!:
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Thanks for the info. I will be trying that with my JCP 40.
I am having this problem with my .45 I can fire a few shots then all the sudden I get a nose up. Its new so I thought it was part of needing to be broke in. So what exactly do i need to bend on the mag to fix this?
Put a shell in the mag and then look at the part of the mag that is right next to the bullet part of the shell. There are two little ears that are above the bullet. These are the parts that you want to bend in just a little. I think if they are to far apart then the shell can rise up to fast and miss the chamber and you will have a nose up FTF. Just remove the shell from your mag and then use some needle nose pliers to bend these in just a little. They told me that they should be close enough that it should take some force to get a shell to go between them. Good luck.
So I assume it would be the complete opposite for a nose down FTF correct?
That I can't say. When I got mine to tight then it just wouldn't load the shell at all. I would call Beemiller at 866-948-4867 and the tech department can answer that question a lot better than I can. I know that they resolved my problem quickly.
Thanks for the fix. This worked on my 8 round.
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