Fixing promag 15 round magazines...

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by GerbilWarrior, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. I found this at Yahoo Answers....

    Any of you guys ever try the above "fix?"
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    Never tried that "fix", but a fellow forum member figured out that if you bent the feed lips to match those of the factory Hi-Point mags and buffed them that their feed reliability increased.

    Seems like there was something you had to do to the follower as well, but I don't remember right off hand.


  3. The corners of the follower have to be slightly shaved to accommodate the bent feed lips. I think you will be all set if you just compare and match the ProMag to an original Hi Point.

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    AN easy fix for promags is simple.......Throw them away in the nearest garbage can and forget the blasted things :wink:
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    A better fix is to send 'em to me, cuz I don't feel like wasting my money, but I accept donations :wink:
  6. The ProMag's could be fixed if you replaced the springs with a quality spring of the right size and spring strength, then took some time to fiddle with the feed lips and clean up and reshape the followers.

    I have considered this little project if I can get my hands on a really cheap ProMag 15rd mag, but it would cost at least as much for a decent mag spring as it would the whole mag, so not sure if its worth the effort for five extra rounds.
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    I dont know about the rest of you ,but I find the fact that "Pro Mag" would put out such an obviously flawed product. It is almost as though the company is saying " Why bother with is a working model ? Those idiots that would buy a piece of crap like a Hi Point wouldn't know the difference any way."

    I for one have decided not to purchase another product from ProMag for any of my fire arms and highly suggest the same to all my friends and fellow shooters. The truest easy fix for this problem would be mass emails from all in this forum and all your friends telling ProMag of our dissatisfaction with thier product line.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    I think that's a pretty good idea Blkhwkfxr. Surely they know the clips for the 995 aren't working. To anyone's knowledge have they addressed the issue in anyway?
  9. Guys, if I remember correctly, the last response somebody got from Pro Mag on this issue wa that they were not going to make any changes because they were selling the mags as is anyway so, why bother?

    It is on record that Hi Point has reached out to them, only to be ignored.

    And yes, a forum member has worked the feed lips and the follower to what appears to be satisfactory performance.

    I would have to carve the top of the spacer to make it fit the ATI stock and then play with the feedlips and to me (right now) is just too much trouble.

    Good luck if you buy.
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    I am going to try DFL (teflon spray lube)
    and use a genuine HP follower if needed.