Flash Hider/ Muzzel Brake

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  1. Other than the looks, is there any reason to use the factory or a custom flash hider/ muzzel brake on the 9mm Carbine?

  2. I would say mostly for looks. But I dont have one of the official HP ones.
  3. Just added a little extra to the look of the 995. Can't really say it does anything for the feel of it but I liked the way it looked.
  4. If you are talking about the Compensator then yes, there is.
    It should decrease the amount of muzzle climb by around 25% & help keep you on target for your next shot.

    I don't have one so I'm not speaking from experience. This is just what it is supposed to do for your guns.
  5. DaScotsman

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    I went to the range last week specifically to determine if it helped me or not... It is not on my 995 any longer for two reasons:

    1. I had my best grouping of the day (fist @ 50yrs w/Red Dot scope) without it. And more importantly...

    2. Just before my best grouping, it (the compensator) went flying downrange after about 30 or 40 shots. It must have worked itself loose, and then one of the rounds caught it.

    One less point-of-failure on my 995 now. :D
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    Whats the grouping on compensators? How far did it go?
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    i think muzzle climb is very minimal with either carbine, but there is a slight difference with rapid fire. You can more easily reacquire you target. I have the factory comp on mine. I got it mainly to increase the OAL so it fits better in the case. It doesn't have quite as much room to move. Also, if you are of the mind, the factory model has a place to attach a mount for a laser or small diameter flashlight. I do like the way it looks.