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  1. Any body know of a Flash Suppressor for a Hi Point 995? Need one I do. PM me please.
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  3. You mean a part that fits on the front of the 995 barrel?
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    I am looking for one, as well. Manufacturer (Hi-Point) makes one but it looks as though it fits on by an outsiide attachment device.

    Maybe one that can be welded on is the best way to go (crazy glue, maybe).

    I will follow this thread until some one can assist with finding a place to begin.
  5. Well...

    The barrel isn't threaded, which means you'd have to use a clamp-on, if there's even something like that out there. I know they make them for the AK-47's. The other problem is that the front sight post rides pretty close to the muzzle, so you won't have a lot of mounting surface to use. I really don't recommend super-gluing anything to a firearm...
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  7. Check out Ebay. Brass Stacker compensator/muzzlebrake for 995.
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    Hi-Points web site has a compensator (muzzel brake) but they do not show a flash suppressor. A compensator and a flash suppressor are opposites. Right now Hi-Point's web site is out of stock on their compensator for the 4096TS, not sure about the 995TS.
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    Welcome to the forum. Do some looking around for various other small business types who sell here if you do get impatient for accessories.
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    My flash suppressor is from Yankee Hill it's 5/8"x24 threaded. I got the die from Brownells and worked it right on to the end of the 995TS barrel.
    Took it slow, maybe 15 minutes to do. The suppressor has never come loose in several thousand rounds.. The suppressor sits in the end of the shroud and holds it tight against the forearm, did not use set screws to hold it in place.

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    See my pictures on the photo site.
    I had the barrel threaded for a suppressor which will work also for a flash hider or brake.
    I will be happy to share the threading details if you are interested.
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    I'm not a fan of any muzzle device that is held in place with a set screw, which all the aftermarket HPs do. I've seen one work loose and get destroyed by a bullet strike. Scarred up the outside of the barrel but still shootable.
    And just my opinion, but 9, 40 & 45 out of a 16" barrel don't benefit from a flash suppressor or comp. my 9mm AR has gone from an A2 birdcage to a YHM Phantom to no device, I've noticed absolutely no difference. It's sporting the YHM just for looks alone.
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    Why do we need a "Flash" suppressor?

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