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    I am thinking of replacing the laser my JHP came with with a flashlight. My concern is the JHP's rail and mount seem non-standard, and Hi-Point's website does not have any for sale. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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    I think there's a Walmart light that fits but don't recall which one.
    It's been done before in any case.

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    I know the 2AA LED flashlight i bought at Wally World is 1 inch in diameter, same as the majority of gun lights and light mounts. Measure the diameter of the laser and you'll have a good starting point as to what lights will fit in it's place.

    Mine is made by Ozark Trail and is the 200L model. Its quite a robust light, very bright, and was only $15 or $20. Best "cheap" flashlight I've ever bought. Havent had a chance to put it on the rifle yet, but it's gotten plenty of use and abuse.

    Im pretty sure an end cap with a wired pressure switch could be put on, i just havent had a chance to try and figure out whos/what kind/etc.
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    Thanks, guys! Kronos, I read your posts for ideas. The Ozark Trail 200L looks pretty good, I'll give it that. Because of the size I think it would be better on a rifle or shotgun. I think I'll pick one up just 'cause I need a decent flashlight that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and my firstborn and a pint of blood besides.

    The laser is small because of where it is mounted. It has to fit below the slide and in front of the trigger guard. It's about 1.5" long and .5" wide. I don't know anything that is much beyond .5" wide will fit in the mount. I bought an LED penlight just to see - it's .5" wide but 5" long, so it would extend a bit beyond the end of the barrel.

    I guess the problem is the rail on the JHP. If it was standard I could use a regular pistol light (like a Nebo Protec 190 I got for about $30 at Academy for another gun). But, it won't fit.

    I guess I'll keep looking for something smaller than penlight size that has a decent light output, unless there is a way to modify the mount. I talked myself out of using duct tape.;)
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  6. I got a ring mount thatll take a flashlight straight from hi point for only $5 shipped. I hate the proprietary mount. Tried a standard weaver/pic mount, no-go. Hi points mounts holds tight tho.

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    You mean the laser attachment ring? I had not looked at that since I thought it was the same as what came with my gun; looking at it now I see it is not.

    D'oh! :eek:

    The ring looks better - it claims to attach "ANY 3/4" OD ACCESSORIES." That should make finding a flashlight which will fit easier.
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    Doesn't that just suck? I have a bad habit of shopping for something I already bought, just so I can kick myself in the arse when I find a better deal! Sucks.
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    Yeah. I'm not gonna fuss too much, though. The Bright Medic is a good light and inexpensive to boot. I just ordered 2 of the 300LM Swaga found to see what's up with them; I think it was $7 with shipping, but original list was $23 each. This is a one-mode light; there is a 3-mode version for $8 each (originally $30).
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    Yesterday I got to shoot the JHP with the Bright Medic light installed. I only put about 200 rounds through it. But, the mount held it securely and the light continued to function (always a plus! :D). The only issue was the beam would not stay focused. This light does not focus/unfocus the beam by twisting the cap but by pulling it out or pushing it in. I started with the tightest the beam could be but within 3 - 4 rounds it became completely unfocused. Not necessarily a bad thing, but something to be aware of.

    Also, because the lens is below the muzzle about an inch or so it got covered with powder residue. Yay! One more thing to clean! :p

    I'll try the other lights when they come in. Thinking back on it, I think I saw those lights before I ordered the Bright Medic but did not want them because they ship from China. I got an email saying that they shipped but there is no tracking info so I don't know which particular slow boat from China they are on and when they will arrive.
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