Flipping the Switch to release the Man in the Box

Discussion in 'Training' started by moona11, Oct 15, 2015.

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    Scout and Rach said it best. Its easy to talk like a tough guy. Its a whole different ballgame to pull the trigger. Those that haven't ever been placed in that situation have know clue what they would do or not do. I sincerely hope none of your are ever put there. You will not like what it will do to you.
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    This is preferable, I hope you are right, for the first part.
    I don't really care much about Chitcago, like most of you "down-staters",
    I hate what they do to the rest of the state and Midwest... but it ain't Special!
    Good to know we're still on the same side, thanks for your service! [​IMG]

    ...but if E or the Boys were in danger, you would revert to Battle Monnzy in a
    millisecond. Consequences be damned, and you're "Back in Saigon"...
    Once the switch is flipped, there is no turning back. I "know" that, and I do
    not look forward to it, but one must think about it before the time comes.
    I guess the best course of action is less talk and more readiness. Thanks.

  3. Rachgier

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    I've got what my therapist called "the man in the box." My fiancé has seen him once and it freaked her out. I don't like the man in the box because he's hard to put away when it's over.
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    Maybe it's time for "the man in the box" to come out and speak again. He's been quiet for a long time, has he not! Just askin, as times they are a changing. This time the man should speak for the people though, not some stupid government. But what do I know, as I've never been that man in the box, yet.
  5. lklawson

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    He's not a talker.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    I hear you loud and clear, as most do here. You preach a good sermon and it's always to the choir, but after the choir sings it's back to the same old crap. I just want to know what you and the choir will do when the boot is pushing hard on your throat and you can no longer talk or preach. It just seems like the more some preach, the more some bring the boot down a little more and their threats seem to have more force behind them, not just talk. :foilhat:

    I guess we will just wait for the next election, again. Then talk some more.
  7. lklawson

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    You misunderstand.

    I don't know for 100% sure about Rach, but for most people who have him, "the man in the box" is sort of a state of mind. It usually presents as an action oriented, cold, emotionless, and amoral mental state. Visual cues often include a lack of emotional expressions and a lack of traditional Male Dominance Ritual Posturing body language. Emotions are shut off. The main purpose usually seems to be survival and the ability to distance the normal mental processes which regard right, wrong, and social consequences from immediate, often violent, action. The prefrontal cortex sorta has its volume turned down. People in this state sometimes describe it as similar to being a spectator and watching their body do stuff automatically.

    Think of it as sort of a murder-bot. Combat vets often have this sort of "caged animal" and often report being a little afraid of it.

    If you're in an argument with someone and you see their facial expression and body language change to something you can only describe as "his eyes kinda went dead, man," then GTFO right now.

    Again, I don't know for sure that Rach's "man in a box" is part murder-bot or something else, but, well, he fits the profile of someone who's likely to have a caged murder-bot. And he ain't chatty. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
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  8. Rachgier

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    It's been said that my eyes go black, I stop talking, and I smile right before bad things happen. Guys in my old unit said the same thing. My fiancé said that it looked like I swelled up to twice my size right before it happened and I went after the guy with the knife. It is like being a spectator. I don't usually remember much but I remember feeling like while in the moment everything is always crystal clear. No wasted actions, no need to think, no hesitation. It's all right there playing out in slow motion.
  9. The only time I ever heard the expression 'man in the box' was in the Alice in Chains song from the 90's.Haunting words from Layne Staley.
    I would definitely not want to continue a heated conversation with this person,as lklawson says. :mumy:
  10. Rachgier

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    That's where out came from. I'm a rock and metal guy and my therapist used that song as an example. And it was the late 90's at the time.
  11. undeRGRound

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    Nearly everybody has that, (murder-bot) male and female alike.
    Even the meek, quiet little person, who would not harm a fly...
    The harder it is to open the cage, as in taking more provoking
    and abuse, the harder it is to put back in the cage. The harder
    the switch is to flip, the worse the actions once it is flipped.
    Not fun to see it happen
  12. lklawson

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    Well, yes. Sorta, more or less, sometimes.

    Some people, either through specific life experiences or deliberate training, have the "on" switch for murder-bot more easily flipped.

    For the average person, murder-bot is kept tucked away and they usually don't even know he's there. They have to "give themselves permission" to turn him loose. And that's the very very hard part. The human brain is hard-wired to identify into smallish groups of "my tribe" and it often differentiates on very primitive conditions, many of which would be considered racist today (because they kinda are). The more you visually look, smell, and sound like me, the harder it is normally to let murder-bot loose on you. On top of that society very heavily conditions people to keep murder-bot in check. Don't hit your sister, speak nicely, etc. It all adds up.

    Now there are some things that can happen to a person in life and some forms of training one can engage in which makes it much easier to release murder-bot. That can have advantages and disadvantages. Many people who have these experiences or training report that the ease of releasing murder-bot, almost without conscious thought, and the consequences which can arise from murder-bot's actions, are a bit frightening. While it can be very hard to order murder-bot to go back to his box, the good news is that the human brain can't and won't keep murder-bot out for ever. Murder-bot will eventually peter out all on his own. But that lack of control for when and how long is what is disturbing. Like driving through the middle of a crowded a play ground in a car with brakes that you know will eventually work, when they feel like it.

    I haven't really seen a big difference in how worse the actions of murder-bot are between people trained to it or not in the way that I think you're describing. Instead, what I see more often is that, frankly, murder-bot isn't very good at making decisions. He will do whatever he first fixates his program on, often to the exclusion of all else. Sometimes that's a pretty dumb action. However, murder-bot will follow programming, so simple action repetitive training really takes hold for him. So while an untrained murder-bot may attack a target and keep pummeling the skull until it's a squishy mass, trained murder-bot will attack a vulnerable spot, incapacitate the target, then stand and scan for additional threats.

    And this will all happen while murder-bot's keeper is riding along in the side-car, watching it all happen in high-def at 1/4 speed.

    Further, 3rd parties to the action who aren't used to seeing murder-bots and don't know how to deal with them (most of the U.S.) are usually very frightened or intimidated by them. Murder-bot really freaks them out. They instinctively know that murder-bot isn't really controlled, just "pointed in the right direction" to let his programming play out, and they don't want to accidentally get in the way.

    In any case, murder-bot isn't who you release when you want to talk. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
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    My grrl friend has something called 'girl in a boat...'

    Any relation...?

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    Helpful Eldar as always......
  15. Well, I suppose that music and those words meant alot of different things to alot of different people.I used to just like the song,but it has real meaning.Only a soldier knows the depth of despair or elevation,that's for sure.
    Thanks for your service Rach !
  16. moona11

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    I call it the switch. You flip it and your toast. I calm down during it and get quite. Everything slows down.
    Mole there I'd a difference between murder bot ( I like that Kirk) and totally losing it. The switch I control what happens but I go numb inside. Losing it the person goes ape **** loses control can't think clearly. Motor functions go away to the point of being only able to basic things like swing a fist. But brain functions get overloaded with anger. The person is usually crying shaking studdering. The switch I can make decisions based on my environment.
  17. Rachgier

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    Push too hard and too far in the wrong direction and report back with the results.
  18. moona11

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    I have lost it a couple of times not nice from what they tell me. But the switch is what scares me. What if it gets tripped while in a bar and after a few? At work its easier to control for some reason. I would bet on the training for that. Murder bot is a good way to say it, but it makes people think of you as going on a killing spree. Which its not, its a safe defence mechanism in your brain that helps you deal with scary situations it also has different levels from hyper vigilance to full bore. Most people don't develop it and just go to straight up losing it. Mil fighters that are good are examples. But some people are just wired that way or you need a push to start it. Usually it something extremely frightening dangerous or training.
  19. moona11

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    I always wondered what the results would be if you took a pysch test during that moment. What label of crazy would a Dr put on you. Kirk ask your wife. I'll ask E.
  20. ekim

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    I think it comes out way more than many think, as in the mass shootings, but they can't control it and that is what I think causes them to end their own lives most of the time. But the left seems to not have the man in the box, more like a wuss in the bag, please don't hurt me BS. Like I already wet my pants, give me a break and stop being mean.