Flirting with 200K

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  1. z71silverado98

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    Truck is turning 10 (officially a classic according to my insurance) and Im just 5 oil changes away from joining the Chevy 200,000 mile club. Im the Original owner and it hasnt seen a shop for anything more than computer diagnostics in just over 3yrs (since the warranty dried up). Though its limped home a few times Its only left me stranded twice and both were due to fuel pump failures. Sometimes it feels like ive got a second job as a shade tree mechanic as i service the vehicles of my family and a few friends. Ive learned alot doing all the work myself (chiltons and Internet is invaluable) im really pround of my recent accomplishment, thus the new monkey wrench avatar.

    I tried mudding for a short time but quickly stopped as i didnt like the hapazard style of driving or the wear and tear on the truck.

    I prefer sand and hit the un-maintained part of the beach every once and a while just to burn up some gas. recently its seen only highway though.

    Its by no means a show truck due to shopping carts and various bruises, but it looks alot better than most other vehicles of the same age.

    Yea, It'll Beat a Hemi!

    only pics i have prolly 2 1/2 yrs old.
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    My dark green 1999 Ford Explorer, XLT, 4 door, 4 wheel drive has taken me safely up and down the highway,along country rds, thru the pasture and along Texas beaches.... but that's a nice Chevy truck, Z71.

  3. Uraijit

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    In High School, I drove a full-sized Dodge Ram van... That sucker had 350,000 miles on it when the odometer quit! I probably drove it another 25,000 after that...
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    My personal daily driver is an old '80 Malibu, that has had two transmissions, and 2 replacement engines (soon to be a 3rd...dont ask)
    It only registers to 99, actual mileage?
    AC blows cold on the factory AC setup from teh original V6 engine...
    Maintanence is a priority! Even for a newer vehicle.
  5. z71silverado98

    z71silverado98 Member

    Original Engine & Original Tranny

    Yea my AC died about a year ago, i think its a fuse or something to do w/ the cabin control module. Eats up too much gas anyway. it dont drive much during the day so i dont miss it. I ordered an AC bypass pulley that should help to free up a lil more power.
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    Probably the AC compressor took a dump: Father has a 93, that when even the AC parts were new, had a wierd idle with it, and looking at the tensioner, it was erractic... AC died, quick fix with stuff I had laying about, (Dummy compressor, so no AC) the tensioner is smooth, gas mileages went up....
  7. Thayldt21

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    On a haot as hell summer day the A/C died in the 02 taurus. I got pissed and pulled the A/c clutch relay fuse wiped it on my jeans and hit back on the road.

    Long story short A/C compressors themselves rarely go out. They will fight and fuss. You will deffinantly know they are goin.

    and if it needs refilled with refrigderant you are better off getting a new one as there are real problems.

    Think of afridge. The refridgerant never goes bad. This is were some genuis will chime in and tell me I have no idea what I am talking about.

    Well news for ya I do.

    Any way it is almost always electrical in nature. Fuss, wire, connection of some sort.

    Most A/C repair centers make a Killin on the people comming in that only need a new fuse thinkin they need a new compressor. Or a wire under the hood has become caroided.

    And some compressor clutches actually go out. same as Fan clutch. 10-15$ fix becomes a 1500$ fix to the uninformed customer.

    Z71 I think it is fair to asume you know how to take care of your rig. Good on you. Now drive that baby till the day she dies. I know I know. Easier said than done. The new has wore off and that new rig sure looks good. But remember ths one s paid for and you know what you got.
  8. Uraijit

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    It really depends on the compressor. Mechanically, most compressors will last longer than the vehicle. But "most A/C problems being electrical in nature" isn't necessarily the case. In my experience as a mechanic, the majority of vehicles needing services actually were losing refrigerant. There's a whole lot of joints and fittings, and then the seals in the AC compressor. No system is 100% air-tight, and over time it escapes.

    Most of the time the loss is very slow, and it will take years to deplete it to the point that it requires a recharge. If you have to recharge more than once in a couple of years, there is a larger leak which should be repaired.

    Never had to replace an AC clutch, and I'd say about 15% of the problems are electrical in nature, generally a low/high pressure cutoff switch, or a relay as was mentioned. Then there are those rogue compressors that go out, but that's usually caused by some idiot putting "stop leak" in the system, and locking up the compressor... Then you've got a REAL mess on your hands...

    Anyway, a bypass pulley won't save you any power, because the pulley on the compressor itself spins freely unless the clutch is engaged. If the AC isn't working, the clutch isn't engaged. Save your money on the bypass, and put it toward some more gas. :) If anybody says "weight reduction" I'll smack 'em. :roll:

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Well my 96 Escort had 220,004 miles on it when it met it's sudden end. I had some work done to the engine just a week before and the baby was running sweeter then ever. My older sister had a habit of getting 350,000+ from several cars she had.
  10. Too bad the Big 3 can't build cars the way they build trucks.

    Just take it ez on the Hemi comments there bub :D
  11. z71silverado98

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    I know for a fact the AC is fine cause i can hot wire it to work at the compressor. Im pretty sure its the Cabin Control Module because some crook broke off the left harness while taking my radio. Cheapest ive found for the controls is $130 and i can think of better things than AC to spend it on (like my new 995).

    Bypass pulley was $12 and theoretically it should save on gas as the pulley is more inward and smaller dia. that means a smaller belt which can spin faster. Faster belt means less fan clutch. Less fan clutch = more power.

    Weight reduction? What is that? Momentum and Traction are my friends. Let up on the gas and it'll coast for so long at the same speed its unreal.

    New trucks dont appeal to me at all. Too much computer stuff, i think i got my truck right at the perfect time in tech. CPU controlled fuel system and not much else.

    The new Camaros however are a different story...
    I also wouldnt mind getting an Enduro for the work/close errands either.

    dont fret about the hemi comment, it beats the pants off of other Z71's and most other vehicles too. Ive only ever been beaten by my sis's old corvette and a Subaru WRX (both are crazy fast just stock)
  12. I have a Ford Sport Trac myself. Very nice little truck with 5000lbs towing. Terrible gas mileage but a nice ride. I live in Florida. I would pay 1 million dollars plus give up a kidney if thats what air conditioning cost. It's a must have in my book.
  13. I think I actually just rolled over 200K on my 1997 Toyota Tacoma.... I have been in spots that NO 2 wheel drive vehicle should be able to go in that thing. I love my truck, even though it needs a face lift and a tummy tuck, she's got a heart of gold.

    Way to go Z, you know how to care of your truck. Guys like us with not alot of cash really need that skill as we can't just go and buy a new truck every year like some other guys can.
  14. 241,000 on my '94 GMC. Just starting to get some surface rust. Pretty good for MN and roadsalt. Takes a lickin, still not tickin. :D